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Every decision has several attributes you need to understand to be able to properly respond to the task. The attributes you should understand are: 1. WHAT is the central issue or problem to be addressed 2. WHAT is the scope of the task to be performed 3. WHAT are the boundary constraints for the solution set
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Analytical Decision Support
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What is the degree of exibility in the constraints Is the timing of the decision crucial WHO is the user of the decision HOW will the decision be used WHAT criteria are to be used in making the decision WHAT assumptions must be made to accomplish the decision WHAT accuracy and precision is required for the decision HOW is the decision is to be documented and delivered
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Scope the Problem to be Solved
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Decisions represent approval of solutions intended to lead to actionable tasks that will resolve a critical operational or technical or issue (COI/CTI). The analyst begins with understanding what: 1. Problem is to be solved. 2. Question is to be answered. 3. Issue is to be resolved. Therefore, begin with a CLEAR and SUCCINCT problem statement. Referral For more information about writing problem statements, refer to 14 on Understanding The Problem, Opportunity, and Solution Spaces concept. If you are tasked to solve a technical problem and are not provided a documented tasking statement, discuss it with the decision authority. Active listening enables analysts to verify their understanding of the tasking. Add corrections based on the discussion and return a courtesy copy to the decision maker. Then, when brie ng the status of the task, ALWAYS include a restatement of the task so ALL reviewers have a clear understanding of the analysis you were tasked to perform.
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Decision Boundary Condition Constraints and Flexibility
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Technical decisions are bounded by cost, schedule, technology, and support constraints. In turn, the constraints must be reconciled with an acceptable level of risk. Constraints sometimes are also exible. Talk with the decision maker and assess the amount of exibility in the constraint. Document the constraints and acceptable level of risk as part of the task statement.
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Criticality of Timing of the Decision
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Timing of decisions is CRUCIAL, not only from the perspective of the decision maker but also that of the SE supporting the decision making. Be sensitive to the decision authority s schedule and the prevailing environment when the recommendations are presented. If the schedule is impractical, discuss it with the decision maker including level of risk.
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Understand How the Decision Will Be Used and by Whom
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Decisions often require approvals by multiple levels of organizational and customer stakeholder decision makers. Avoid wasted effort trying to solve the wrong problem. Tactfully validate the decision problem statement by consensus of the stakeholders.
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47.4 Types of Engineering Analyses
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Document the Criteria for Decision Making
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Once the problem statement is documented and the boundary constraints for the decision are established, identify the threshold criteria that will be used to assess the success of the decision results. Obtain stakeholder concurrence with the decision criteria. Make corrections as necessary to clarify the criteria to avoid misinterpretation when the decision is presented for approval. If the decision criteria are not documented up front, you may be subjected to the discretion of the decision maker to determine when the task is complete.
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Identify the Accuracy and Precision of the Analysis
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Every technical decision involves data that have a level of accuracy and precision. Determine up front what accuracy and precision will be required to support analytical results, and make sure these are clearly communicated and understood by everyone participating. One of the worst things analysts can do is discover after the fact that they need four-digit decimal data precision when they only measured and recorded two-digit data. Some data collection exercises may not be repeatable or practical. THINK and PLAN ahead: similar rules should be established for rounding data. Author s Note 47.1 As a reminder, two-digit precision data that require multiplication DO NOT yield four-digit precision results; the best you can have is two-digit result due to the source data precision.
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