Lesson Learned 6: Application of Standards Use in .NET

Implement USS Code 128 in .NET Lesson Learned 6: Application of Standards Use
Lesson Learned 6: Application of Standards Use
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When proposing or developing new systems, Acquirer SEs should ensure that all standards referenced in procurement packages or speci cations are the most current, approved, released version of the document. Likewise, System Developer SEs, via contract protocols, should request the Acquirer to CLARIFY broad references such as ANSI-STD-XXXX shall apply via speci c requirements such as ANSI-STD-XXXX- (version) para. x.x.x shall apply.
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Lesson Learned 7: Assumptions About Conventions
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One of the challenges SEs face is making assumptions about performance boundary conditions and conventions. Inevitably, people assume everyone understands to use the XYZ convention. ALWAYS document the conventions in project memorandums to be used; leave nothing to chance! Every technical review should include a technical description of conventions such as a graphic, where applicable, that ensures consistency and completeness of SE design activities.
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Lesson Learned 8: Coordinate System Transformations
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Our discussions included a focus on designating a coordinate system for a free body such as an air vehicle. Aircraft, especially military aircraft, serve as a platform for other payload systems such as sensors and missile systems. Just because the aircraft might use a right-handed Cartesian coordinate system with the Z-axis pointing downward does not mean interfacing components will also. If a payload is developed for a speci c aircraft, it makes sense to establish compatible coordinate systems. However, what happens if a decision is made to add a payload to an air vehicle that uses a different coordinate system. You have a challenge. Where the coordinate systems of interfacing systems are different, developers perform coordinate transformations from one system to another. This requires additional processing resources and consumes valuable time: you may not have a choice. In any case, ALWAYS create a simple diagram that illustrates the coordinate systems used and standardize across the program WHAT methods will be employed to perform the coordinate transformations. Establish which interfacing system is required to perform the coordinate transformation in the respective speci cation.
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Engineering Standards, Frames of Reference, and Conventions
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Lesson Learned 9: Standard Terminology
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Successful system design and development requires that everyone on the program have a common vision and mindset and communicate in a language that is consistent and mutually understood by everyone. This requires establishing terminology and acronyms for universal application throughout all documentation. Suggestions to establish standard terminologies are usually met with disparaging remarks about how terms are intuitively obvious are to smart people. Then, when the program encounters major team-based work scope issues or interpretations caused by failures in application of terminology, everyone suddenly has one of those why didn t we think of this sooner responses. How do you avoid this The System Engineering and Integration Team (SEIT) must: 1. 2. 3. 4. Establish and be the keeper of standard terms, de nitions, and acronyms. Make the list readily accessible via on-line network drives or Web sites. Communicate updates to everyone on the program. Ensure compliance across all documentation.
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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern engineering standards and conventions practices. Principle 45.1 Engineering standards and conventions are crucial for decision making, communications, and documentation. Neglect them and they will become high risk; nurture them and they will guide your path toward success. Principle 45.2 Each interface should be speci ed in one and only one of cial document that is baselined and controlled by the interface owner.
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Our discussions of engineering standards, frames of reference, and conventions highlighted the need to establish corporate, national, and international standards for guiding the system development effort. We introduced the meanings of normative and informative clauses and how they were to be implemented. We also highlighted the need to establish interface standards and conventions such as inertial frames of reference, English (BES) versus metrics (SI) systems, and coding guidelines to guide development work. You may say, Look, we do not develop free body air vehicles. Why should we bother with considerations with coordinate systems The examples discussed above were used to illustrate some of the complexities of coordinate systems. Similar concepts are employed for designing and using numerical control machines, aligning sensors and optical devices, land surveying, and so forth. Each program must establish and communicate a set of conventions for application to system con guration and interface applications, engineering design processes and methods, and work products. Each program must conduct periodic assessments of engineering standards compliance and review engineering standards and conventions compliance as a key element of all technical reviews.
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