Con guration Effectivity in .NET

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Con guration Effectivity
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Production systems may evolve over several years as newer technologies, capabilities, and improvements are incorporated into the evolutionary system design solution. As such, the physical con guration changes. So the question becomes: HOW do we delineate the changes in con guration to a given CI, HWCI, or CSCI Con guration management addresses these con gurations via a concept referred to as con guration effectivity.
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System Con guration Identi cation
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Every CI, HWCI, and CSCI is labeled with a unique identi er that delineates it from all others. This occurs at two levels: 1) model number and 2) serial numbers. So, when physical con gurations change over the years, some organizations simply reference the effectivity beginning with Serial Number (S/N) XXX; others append a dash number to the model number such as Model 123456-1 to indicate a speci c version. Most organizations today af x barcode labels to CIs, HWCIs, and CSCIs to facilitate automated version or con guration tracking. Versioning provides the System Developer a couple of options. It allows evolutionary tracking of a product line over its life span, and it provides a means to account for special customizations delivered to an Acquirer. In lieu of model numbers and versioning, some vendor s employ contract numbers and serial numbers to designate items. You may ask: Why is this important to SE
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Effectivity-Based Speci cations
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During the development of a system or product, multi-discipline SEs prepare item development speci cations (IDSs) for PRODUCTS, SUBSYSTEMS, HWCIs, and CSCIs that form the Developmental Con guration. Although cost is a key constraint, most rst article systems or products MAY NOT represent the most cost-effective solution due to schedule and other constraints. First articles are simply a solution that meets speci cation requirements. Typically, each deliverable is assigned contract/model numbers and serial numbers. If a system is planned for production, Product Engineering initiates efforts to reduce the recurring per unit cost via design improvements, component and material selection and procurement, manufacturing methods, and so forth. Ultimately, the improvements culminate in a revised item development speci cation with effectivity beginning with S/N XXX forward. Once production starts, CIs, HWCIs, and CSCIs evolve over time. Whereas during the original system development, revisions to the Developmental Con guration speci cations were issued when changes occurred. So, when production item changes occur, you have to revise the speci cation level and the effectivity. When this occurs, the program has two choices: create a new speci cation unique to a con guration, or designate model and serial number effectivity on the cover page and annotate speci cation requirements unique to the effectivity within the document.
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Once CIs are identi ed, the key question is: HOW do you communicate their location within the system s product structure The answer is: CIs should be explicitly identi ed in the speci cation tree based on derivation from the system architecture as shown in Figure 42.4. Here, the SEIT analyzes the System Performance Speci cation (SPS) requirements to create the SYSTEM level architecture, as shown in the lower left corner of the graphic. The architecture consists of PRODUCTs A and B. PRODUCT B, which consists of ITEMs B_1 through B_3, will be developed internally, and is designated as a CI. As the system architecture evolves, the speci cation tree evolves, as shown on the right side of the graphic. Based on the designation of CIs and items, item development speci cations are identi ed. PRODUCT A has its own PRODUCT A development speci cation. PRODUCT B, as a CI, has its own unique PRODUCT B development speci cation that includes requirements for ITEMs B_1 through B_3.
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42.4 Assigning Ownership of Items and CIs
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System Performance Specification (SPS)
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SYSTEM CI Product Structure
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SYSTEM Level Architecture
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Configuration Item Configuration Item
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