HWCIs and CSCIs in .NET

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HWCIs are major hardware items and CSCIs are major software applications designated for con guration control. As CIs, HWCIs and CSCIs may include COTS items, NDIs, internally developed or legacy items, or combinations of these.
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System Con guration Identi cation
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Each HWCI is speci ed via requirements documented in an HWCI Requirements Speci cation (HRS). Each CSCI is speci ed via requirements docuemented in a CSCI Software Requirements Speci cation (SRS).
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Some processor-based applications such as single board computers (SBC) employ software encoded into an integrated circuit (IC) referred to as rmware. Firmware ICs, which are nonvolatile memory device types, may be implemented with single-use, read only, and reprogrammable devices. Firmware represents a hybrid instance of an item that evolves from a CSCI into an HWCI, as illustrated in Figure 42.2. Initially, the software program executed by the SBC is developed as a CSCI software application and debugged on laboratory prototype SBC hardware, using emulators and other devices. When the software application reaches maturity and is ready for nal integration, the CSCI s code is electronically programmed into the rmware IC device. Once programmed, the rmware IC is: 1. Designated as an HWCI. 2. Assigned a part number, serial number, and version. Both the CSCI and HWCI are controlled in accordance with the CM procedures. Guidepost 42.1 The preceding discussions introduced the semantics of con guration identi cation. Some of these semantics apply to ANY level of abstraction. You should recall from our discussion in 9 System Levels of Abstraction and Semantics that one organization s SUBSYSTEM might be another organization s SYSTEM. Our follow-on discussions illustrate WHY the referential nature of con guration identi cation semantics when applied to levels of abstraction result in confusion.
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Con guration Semantics Synthesis
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To understand how con guration identi cation semantics relate to multi-level system architectures, Figures 42.1 and 42.3 depict the entity relationships. Table 42.1 provides a listing of entity relationship rules that govern the implementation of this graphic.
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Computer Computer Software Software Configuration Configuration Item (CSCI) Item (CSCI)
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XXX-YYYY-2 Programming Device Hardware Hardware Configuration Configuration Item (HWCI) Item (HWCI)
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Figure 42.2 Evolution of Firmware from Software to Hardware
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42.2 Understanding Con guration Identi cation Semantics
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Designated as
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Designated as
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Consists of
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CommercialCommercialOff-the-Shelf Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Item(s) (COTS) Item(s)
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Consists of
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Designated as
Configuration Configuration Items (CIs) Items (CIs)
Consists of
Designated as
Item Item
Consists of
Designated as
NonNonDevelopmental Developmental Items (NDIs) Items (NDIs)
Consists of
Consists of
Solution Set Requirements Solution Operational Solution Behavioral Solution Physical Solution
Described by
Designated as
Consists of = May or May Not
Acquirer Acquirer Furnished Furnished Equipment Equipment (AFE) (AFE)
Described by
Figure 42.3 Item/Con guration Items (CIs) Compositional Entity Relationships Table 42.1 Con guration semantics rules Rule 42.1 42.2 42.3 Title Items Con guration items Con guration items Con guration Identi cation and Development Rule Every entity within a system, regardless of level of abstraction, is referred to as an item. Designate major items selected for internal development and con guration control. Items may originate from several types of sources: 1. Replicated from existing, internally developed component designs. 2. Acquired as COTS, NDI, or AFP. 3. Acquired as COTS, NDI, or AFP and modi ed in-house. 4. Developed as new designs such as an HWCI(s) or CSCI(s). A CI s composition may consist of one or more COTS products, NDIs, HWCIs, CSCIs, AFPs, or combinations thereof. Develop a performance or development speci cation for each item designated as a CI. Develop an HWCI Requirements Speci cation (HRS) for each HWCI; Develop a CSCI Software Requirements Speci cation (SRS) for each CSCI. Develop a Requirements Domain, Operations Domain, Behavioral Domain, and Physical Domain Solutions for each CI, HWCI, and CSCI. The product structure of each CSCI consists of at least two or more CSCs that consist of at least two or more CSUs. Assign accountability for the design, development, and integration and veri cation for each CI, HWCI, and CSCI to an individual or IPT.
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