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Some systems employ data communication protocols that request retransmission IF errors are detected. In general, error correction may or may not be considered an explicit redundancy method. However, when it is employed, it provides comparable bene ts. Guidepost 36.4 The development of a system architecture requires more than simply innovation and creation, it also requires other architectual considerations:
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36.8 Other Architectural Selection Considerations
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1. Compliance with local, state, federal, and international statutes and regulations. 2. Sustainment of resources. 3. Recognition of the cause and effect the architecture has on the public and the environment. We now shift the discussion to these considerations.
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Developing a system architecture to provide capabilities to support all phases of the mission is only part of what is required. The architecture must also include other key considerations. These include: Power source architectural considerations. Environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) architectural considerations. Fire detection and suppression architectural considerations. System security architectural considerations.
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Power System Architectural Considerations
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The preceding discussions highlight HOW to enhance the fault tolerance of the systems and products we build. If they are electrically powered, no matter how elegant the redundancy solution, it only works WHEN power is applied. The loss of power involves several issues: 1. Safe storage of critical mission and system data immediately following the event to prevent data loss. 2. Safe evacuation of personnel from facilities to prevent injury or loss of life. 3. Sustainment power to critical processes that must process to completion and place the system in a SAFE mode. Sustaining Operations and EQUIPMENT Resulting from Loss of Power. When a power loss event occurs, systems require a nite amount of time to store mission and system data. To ensure a continuation of power for a speci ed time, rechargeable batteries or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), offer potential solutions. Depending on mission and system application, alternative power solutions include external fuel-based generators, solar panels, fuel cells, and other technologies. Power Quality Considerations. Another factor that requires architectural consideration is power quality. Power surges, brownouts, overvoltage, noise, and stability conditions wreak havoc with some systems that require power conditioning. So, make sure these considerations are fully addressed by the architecture within resource constraints.
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Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Architectural Considerations
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System architecting, in general, tends to focus on EQUIPMENT architectures rather than the effects of the EQUIPMENT on the Users, public, and NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Therefore, when evaluating a system architecture, the system architect and others should factor in considerations for environmental, safety, and health (ES&H).
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System Architecture Development
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At a minimum, considerations of the effects of EQUIPMENT by-products on the User(s), public, and environment should include the following considerations: Moisture Condensation Water Shock and vibration Atmospheric pressure High pressures Noise Refuse Spills Leaks Laser radiation Nuclear waste Ergonomics
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At a minimum, safety examples include the following considerations: Walk space Hazardous conditions Ingress and egress Emergency exits Warning notices and cautions Visual and audio alarms Electrical shock protection Perimeter fencing Lockout tags on damaged or out-of-calibration equipment Doors and stairwells Video surveillance Grounding schemes
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At a minimum, health examples include the following considerations: Toxic chemicals and fumes Air quality Ergonomics Noise
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36.10 Summary
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Fire Detection and Suppression Architectural Considerations
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Another key architectural consideration is re detection and suppression systems. Since personnel, equipment, and facility safety are paramount, the system architecture should include features that enable a rapid response when res are detected including suppression systems that eliminate the source of the re following personnel evacuation.
System Security Architectural Considerations
For those systems that involve sensitive or classi ed data, system security should be a key architectural consideration. This includes reasonable measures for physical security, operational security, communications security, and data security.
Final Thought
All considered effects should include both the short-term effects and the long-term effects. Compensating actions for any effects may require accomplishment via one or more of the SYSTEM s architectural system elements EQUIPMENT, PERSONNEL, PROCEDURAL DATA, and so forth.