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34.1 Introduction
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What is a measure of effectiveness (MOE) What is a measure of suitability (MOS) What is a technical performance measure (TPM) What is a technical performance parameter (TPP) What is the relationship between MOEs, MOSs, MOPs, and TPMs Who is responsible for MOEs, MOSs, MOPs, and TPMs How do you track and control MOEs, MOSs, MOPs, and TPMs What is the relationship between TPMs and risk items When do TPMs trigger risk items
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De nitions of Key Terms
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Critical Issues Those aspects of a system s capability, either operational, technical, or other, that must be questioned before a system s overall suitability can be known. Critical issues are of primary importance to the decision authority in reaching a decision to allow the system to advance into the next phase of development. (Source: DSMC, Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms) Critical Operational Issue (COI) Operational effectiveness and operational suitability issues (not parameters, objectives, or thresholds) that must be examined in operational test and evaluation (OT&E) to determine the system s capability to perform its mission. A COI is normally phrased as a question that must be answered in order to properly evaluate operational effectiveness (e.g., Will the system detect the threat in a combat environment at adequate range to allow successful engagement ) or operational suitability (e.g., Will the system be safe to operate in a combat environment ). (Source: DSMC, Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms) Figure of Merit (FOM) The numerical value assigned to a measure of effectiveness, parameter, or other gure, as a result of an analysis, synthesis, or estimating technique. (Source: DSMC, Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms) Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) Those capabilities or characteristics so signi cant that failure to meet the threshold can be cause for the concept or system selected to be reevaluated or the program to be reassessed or terminated. (Source: DSMC, Test and Evaluation Management Guide, Appendix B, Glossary of Test Terminology, p. B-10) Technical (Performance) Parameters (TPPs) A selected subset of the system s technical metrics tracked in Technical Performance Measurement (TPM). Critical technical parameters relate to critical system characteristics and are identi ed from risk analyses and contract speci cations. Technical parameters examples (include): 1. Speci cation requirements. 2. Metrics associated with technical objectives and other key decision metrics used to guide and control progressive development. 3. Design-to-cost targets. 4. Parameters identi ed in the acquisition program baseline or user requirements documentation. (Source: Former MIL-STD-499B DRAFT, Appendix A, Glossary, p. 41)
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Operational Utility, Suitability, and Effectiveness
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Technical Performance Measurement (TPM) The continuing veri cation of the degree of anticipated and actual achievement of technical parameters. TPM is used to identify and ag the importance of a design de ciency that might jeopardize meeting a system level requirement that has been determined to be critical. Measured values that fall outside an established tolerance band require proper corrective actions to be taken by management. a. Achievement to Date Measured progress or estimate of progress plotted and compared with the planned progress at designated milestone dates. b. Current Estimate The value of a technical parameter that is predicted to be achieved with existing resources by the end of contract (EOC). c. Technical Milestone Time period when a TPM evaluation is accomplished. Evaluations are made to support technical reviews, signi cant test events and cost reporting intervals. d. Planned Value Predicted value of the technical parameter for the time of measurement based on e planned pro le. e. Planned Value Pro le Pro le representing the projected time-phased demonstration of a technical parameter requirement. f. Tolerance Band Management alert limits placed each side of the planned pro le to indicate the envelope or degree of variation allowed. The tolerance band represents the projected level of estimating error. g. Threshold The limiting acceptable value of a technical parameter; usually a contractual performance requirement. h. Variation Difference between the planned value of the technical parameter and the achievement-to-date value derived from analysis, test, or demonstration. (Source: INCOSE Handbook, Section 12, Appendix, Glossary, p. 46 47)
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