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Requirements Statement Development
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and leverage your own ability and time. You can convince yourself to believe you cannot afford the tool. However, the capabilities and productivity of your personnel and organization will pay dividends, especially for large, complex system development efforts. Veri cation Level. We like to think that simply identifying veri cation methods for a requirement is suf cient. However, some requirements may not be veri able at every entity or CI level. Consider the following example:
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You are assigned a task to create SUBSYSTEM A Development Speci cation. Ideally, you would like to verify SUBSYSTEM A as a work product. There may be cases whereby it is impractical to complete veri cation of SUBSYSTEM A as a work product until it is integrated into the higher level SYSTEM. For example, it may be impractical to stimulate one of SUBSYSTEM A s interfaces during veri cation tests at the SUBSYSTEM level. As a result, you may want to indicate in the RVM, for internal record keeping, the level of abstraction at which veri cation of a speci c requirement will be accomplished. Table 33.6 provides a tabular illustration.
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As illustrated in Table 33.6, requirement will be veri ed at the SUBSYSTEM level. Requirement, which requires SUBSYSTEM A to be integrated with SUBSYSTEM B, will be veri ed at the SYSTEM level. Thus, the veri cation of requirement 3.1.1 cannot be completed until the TEST method is performed at SYSTEM level integration.
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Table 33.6 RVM Example illustrating Veri cation Level for Each Requirement Requirements ID SYS_136 Requirement Statement 3.1.1 Capability A The system shall perform (Capability A) Capability A, which consists of the capabilities speci ed in the subparagraphs below: Capability A1 The system shall provide (Capability A1) . . . Veri cation Level See subparagraphs below Veri cation Methods N/A Inspect Analysis Demo Test
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33.7 Requirements Development Guidelines
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Requirements can be characterized a range of attributes. These attributes include legal, technical, cost, priority, and schedule considerations. Let s examine each of these brie y.
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Suggestion 1: Title Each Requirement Statement
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Requirements tend to lose their identities as statements within a larger document. This is particularly troublesome when the need arises to rapidly search for an instance of a requirement. Make it easy for reviewers and users of speci cations to easily locate requirements. Give each requirement a bumper sticker title. This provides a mechanism for capture in the speci cation s table of contents and makes identi cation easier.
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Suggestion 2: Use the Word Shall
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Requirements, when issued as part of a contract, are considered legally binding and suf cient for procurement action when expressly stated with the word shall. Engineers have a REPUTATION for expressing requirements with the words will, should, and must. Those terms are expressions of intent, not a mandatory or required action. To facilitate speci cation readability, consider boldfacing each instance of the word shall (e.g., shall). Author s Note 33.3 There is increasing evidence of less discipline in speci cation wording by using words such as will. The general viewpoint is that the context of the statement of the statement is what is important. For example, . . . the system will perform the tasks speci ed below. . . . If you subscribe to this notion, it is critically important that you establish up front in the speci cation HOW the term will is to be interpreted relative to being mandatory. Whatever convention you and your organization adopt, you must be consistent throughout the speci cation. The best practice is to use the word SHALL. In any case, ALWAYS seek the advice of your organization s legal counselors before committing to a speci cation that contains ambiguous wording that may be subject to legal interpretation.
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