What Is a System in .NET

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What Is a System
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Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). 2001. Systems Engineering Fundamentals. Defense Acquisition University Press. Ft. Belvoir, VA. NASA SP-6105. 1995. System Engineering Handbook. Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ASD-100 Architecture and System Engineering. 2003. National Air Space System Systems Engineering Manual. Washington, DC. International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). 2000. System Engineering Handbook. Version 2.0. Washington, DC. Sage, Andrew P. 1995. Systems Management for Information Technology and Software Engineering. New York: Wiley.
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System Attributes, Properties, and Characteristics
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System engineering requires development of a strong foundation in understanding how to characterize a system, product, or service in terms of its attributes, properties, and performance. This introduces system attributes that are common across most natural and humanmade systems. Our discussions address these attributes in terms of a framework that Acquirers can use as a checklist for system speci cations and System Developers/Service Providers can use to assess the adequacy of those speci cations. The intent is to enable you to learn how to: 1) THINK about, 2) ORGANIZE, and 3) CHARACTERIZE systems. This knowledge equips SEs and system analysts in two ways. First, when you analyze and evaluate speci cations, checklists of commonly used attributes, properties, and characteristics enable us to perform a reality check and identify any holes in speci cation requirements. Second, when we develop speci cations, it provides a reference checklist for organizing and specifying key capabilities and their levels of performance. Based on this Introduction, let s identify what you should learn from the chapter s discussions.
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What You Should Learn from This
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What is a system attribute What is a system property What is a system characteristic What makes a system, product, or service unique Understanding categories of system, product, or service performance What are some types of system characteristics What constitutes a system s state of equilibrium
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De nition of Key Terms
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Capability An explicit, inherent feature activated or excited by an external stimulus to perform a function (action) at a speci ed level of performance until terminated by external commands, timed completion, or resource depletion.
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System Analysis, Design, and Development, by Charles S. Wasson Copyright 2006 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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System Attributes, Properties, and Characteristics
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Fit An item s compatibility to interface with another item within a prescribed set of limits with ease and without interference. Form An item s prescribed shape intended to support one or more interface boundary objectives. Form, Fit, and Function In con guration management, that con guration comprising the physical and functional characteristics of an item as an entity, but not including any characteristics of the elements making up the item. (Source: IEEE 610.12-1990) Function An operation, activity, process, or action performed by a system element to achieve a speci c objective within a prescribed set of performance limits. Functions involve work such as to move a force through a distance, analyze and process information, transform energy or physical properties, make decisions, conduct communications, and interoperate with other OPERATING ENVIRONMENT systems. Functional Attributes Measurable performance parameters including reliability, maintainability, and safety. (Source: ANSI/EIA-649-1998, para. 3.0, p. 5) Level of Performance An objective, measurable parameter that serves to bound the ability of a system to perform a function based on a set of scenario assumptions, initial conditions, and operating conditions. Examples include system effectiveness, PERSONNEL Element pro ciency, and system ef ciency. Performance A quantitative measure characterizing a physical or functional attribute relating to the execution of an operation or function. (ANSI/IEEE 649-1998, para. 3.0, p.5) Performance attributes include: quantity (how many or how much), quality (how well), coverage (how much area, how far), timeliness (how responsive, how frequent), and readiness (availability, mission/operational readiness). (ANSI/IEEE 649-1998, para. 3.0, p. 5) Physical Attributes Quantitative and qualitative expressions of material features, such as composition, dimensions, nishes, form, t, and their respective tolerances. (Source: ANSI/ EIA-649-1998, Section 3.0, p. 6)
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