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This concludes our discussion of what a system is. We de ned the term system and highlighted the challenges of de ning the term within diverse contexts. We also explored examples of types of systems; distinguished between precedented and unprecedented systems and considered the context of systems, products, and tools. We concluded with the identi cation of two categories of systems that produce other systems, products, or services. Some of these require the engineering of systems or system engineering. Therefore, we de ned engineering, which in combination with the de nition of a system, leads to de ning system engineering. With this basic understanding, we are now ready to investigate the key attributes, properties, and characteristics that make each system unique.
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Create your own de nition of a system. Based on the system de nitions provided in this chapter: (a) Identify your viewpoint of shortcomings in the de nitions. (b) Provide rationale as to why you believe that your de nition overcomes those shortcomings. (c) From an historical perspective, identify three precedented systems that were replaced by unprecedented systems.
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1. How do you and your organization de ne a system 2. Do you and your work team have a de nition for a system If not, ask members to independently develop their de nition of what a system is. Summarize the results and present individual viewpoints to the team. Discuss the results and formulate a consensus de nition. Report the results to your class. What diversity of opinions did you observe What concept or semantic obstacles did the team have to overcome to get to consensus 3. Research the de nitions for system engineering provided in the list below. Compare and contrast these definitions and determine which one best ts your beliefs and experiences (a) AFSCM 375-1 (b) Former FM 770-1 (c) Former MIL-STD-499A (d) EIA/IS-731.1 (e) Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) (f) International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) (g) International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 4. For the system, product, or service your organization produces, identify constituent products and tools (e.g., external systems) required to create or support it. 5. Identify the paradigms you observe in your: (a) organization, (b) customers, and (c) business domain that in uence system or product design. For each paradigm, what are the characteristic phrases stakeholders use that make the paradigm self-evident. 6. How does your organization view and de ne SE 7. How does the author s de nition of SE compare with your experiences 8. What challenges and paradigms does your organization or program face in de ning SE
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Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Baltimore, MD. URL:
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ANSI/EIA 632-1999 Standard. 1999. Processes for Engineering Systems. Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). Arlington, VA. Blanchard, B.S. 1998. System Engineering Management. New York: Wiley. Blanchard, B.S., and W.J. Fabrycky. 1990. Systems Engineering and Analysis, 2d ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Buede, Dennis M. 2000. The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods. New York: Wiley. FM 770-78. 1979. System Engineering Field Manual. Washington, DC: Headquarters of Department of the Army. Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). 2001. Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms, 10th ed. Defense Acquisition University Press. Ft. Belvoir, VA. International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). 1993. Identi cation of Pragmatic Principles Final Report. SE Practice Working Group, Subgroup on Pragmatic Principles. Seattle, WA. IEEE 1220-1998. 1998. IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). New York, NY. MIL-STD-498 (canceled). 1994. Software Development and Documentation. Washington, DC: Department of Defense. MIL-STD-499B (canceled draft). Systems Engineering. Washington, DC: Department of Defense. 1994.
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