Allocating and Flowing Down System Requirements in .NET

Implement Code 128C in .NET Allocating and Flowing Down System Requirements
21.5 Allocating and Flowing Down System Requirements
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requirements change or document reviewers determine that this decision did not include a key consideration of the other factors. Thus, the act of leaving the ID intact in a description enables the document to be easily updated, as required, and the change incorporated into the linked documentation without the IDs having to be renumbered.
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System Operations Dictionary
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Mapping matrices such as Figure 21.2 should be supported by a System Operations Dictionary that provides a brief description of how each task is accomplished by the MISSION SYSTEM and/or SUPPORT SYSTEM. Dictionary descriptions of the matrix serve to bound the derivation of the MISSION SYSTEM and SUPPORT SYSTEM capabilities and performance requirements.
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Concluding Point
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The casual reader may remark that it is impractical to document all 84 IDs shown in Figure 21.2. Yet, in completing a system development effort, you will unknowingly spend numerous hours on each of these 84 items. Those who view this matrix as impractical are the same people who often have to explain to program management during the System Integration, Test, and Evaluation (SITE) Phase WHY certain items have been inadvertently overlooked or ignored during the design phase. For those programs, SITE requires two to three times the nominally required time. Perform your analyses up front and make sure the 84 items in the gure are documented, scoped, and well communicated. The matrix approach simply provides an analytical structure to improve your chances of success.
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The preceding discussion provides a method for identifying system operational capabilities required for each SYSTEM level mode of operation. The capabilities represent WHAT is required to accomplish speci c objectives associated with each mode of operation. Therefore, the MISSION SYSTEM and SUPPORT SYSTEM must be capable of being con gured with capabilities and levels of performance to support each of these modes of operation. To better understand HOW these capabilities are de ned, refer to Figure 21.3.
MISSION SYSTEM Modal Operations and Interactions
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You should recognize the key elements of Figure 21.3 from an earlier description of Figure 21.2. In the earlier gure we mapped modes of operation to the MISSION SYSTEM and SUPPORT SYSTEM for each of the three phases of operation pre-mission, mission, and postmission. Recall that the IDs enable us to link system capabilities to descriptions de ned in a System Operations Dictionary. Figure 21.3, as an expansion of Figure 21.2, enables us to an answer to some basic questions. For each of a system s modes of operations (left column): 1. WHICH phase(s) of operation does the mode support 2. WHAT operations and interactions occur with each of the MISSION SYSTEM and OPERATING ENVIRONMENT system elements 3. WHAT are the system design and construction constraints that limit these operations and interactions 4. WHAT architectural con guration satis es items 1, 2, and 3 above
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System Operational Capability Derivation and Allocation
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Design & Construct. Constraints 14 29 44 59 74 89 104 119 134 149 164
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X = Reference to Required Operational Capabilities = Scenario-Based Operational Capabilities
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Procedural Data
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System Responses
Mission Resources
Man-Made Systems Friendly I/Fs System Threats Induced Natural
Operational Mode
1 16 31 46 61 76 91 106 121 136 151
2 17 32 47 62 77 92 107 122 137 152
3 18 33 48 63 78 93 108 123 138 153
4 19 34 49 64 79 94 109 124 139 154
5 20 35 50 65 80 95 110 125 140 155
6 21 36 51 66 81 96 111 126 141 156
7 22 37 52 67 82 97 112 127 142 157
8 23 38 53 68 83 98 113 128 143 158
9 24 39 54 69 84 99 114 129 144 159
10 25 40 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 160
11 26 41 56 71 86 101 116 131 146 161
12 27 42 57 72 87 102 117 132 147 162
13 28 43 58 73 88 103 118 133 148 163