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JIT Compilers
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A Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler is a program that turns Java byte code into instructions that can be sent directly to the processor. It compiles the byte code into platform-specific executable code that is executed immediately. The client will usually get improved performance, especially if the method executable is used repeatedly. The effect, however, may be limited if the application is waiting for the database most of the time.
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Object Databases and Java Architectural Issues
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Evaluating Performance and Benchmarking
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Developing applications that work well using a particular ODBMS requires knowledge on how the ODBMS should be exploited. However, most developers initially do not know enough about the ODBMS and its language binding to be able to fully exploit the ODBMS, getting optimal or close to optimal performance. To be able to exploit the performance capabilities of an ODBMS fully, the different aspects of the ODBMS and its language binding have to be investigated. A number of different techniques may be explored for this purpose. One possible solution is to port some of the critical parts of an existing application to one or several ODBMSs and evaluate. Hohenstein et al. report on such an activity evaluating three ODBMSs and one RDBMS [Hohenstein 1997]. Another possibility is to use one or several benchmarks, for example, the OO7 benchmark [Carey 1993] and JUSTITIA [Schreiber 1994], and base a performance evaluation on them. A third possibility is to write your own benchmarks focusing on the issue you want to explore. Danielsen demonstrates such an attempt [Danielsen 1999]. Chaudhri gives an overview of a number of different benchmarks related to ODBMSs [Chaudhri 1995],
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Developing applications in Java and exploiting the capabilities of an ODBMS requires knowledge about the architecture of the ODBMS and its Java binding, as well as knowledge on application development and the problem domain. We have not discussed application development and problem domains, but we have looked at a number of architectural issues that influence performance. Some of these issues are related only to special properties that may or may not be present in the ODBMS or language binding (e.g., swizzling). Other issues are conceptual; for example, object versus page servers, active versus passive server, and notification models. To undertake a complete and exhaustive list of all architectural issues that influence performance in an ODBMS, its Java binding, and applications would require a book or three, or even more, not a single chapter! To be able to exploit the ODBMS and its language binding fully, we need to know the importance of these issues and how the ODBMS works in this context. However, the most important success factor in this context is the application itself, and its design. If you miss there, you have missed the train.
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Addressing Complexity and Scale in a High-Performance Object Server
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The so-called "information explosion" has led to an enormous demand for networked information, which in turn has placed enormous pressure on information servers. The design of high-performance server technology has thus become a hot topic in computer science. In this chapter we describe how our exposure to a large real-world application has shaped our response to two key issues for high-performance object-server technologies the management of complexity and the management of scale. The Australian Bureau of Statistics' Business Register (ABS-BR) is an object-oriented database (OODB) application that forms a register of all businesses in Australia. The register is fundamental to much of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) economic survey activity and is used by many branches of the large organization. The basis of the register is an object model that reflects the business structure of all Australian businesses, from large multinationals to corner stores. There are over 100,000,000 objects in the register and it is constantly updated, both through operator-driven data entry and the batch processing of data from other government agencies. Specific requirements are acceptable response time for interactive access for more that 100 users, long and short transaction support, efficient storage and online access to historic information, flexible object version views, and schema evolution support. The challenges raised by the Business Register (BR) are dominated by the problems of complexity and scale. Our response to these challenges has been guided by our view that abstraction has a basic role in addressing complexity and scale, and by our use of Java as an implementation context. In this chapter we report not only on our approach, but also on novel technological outcomes that stem from our exposure to the challenges highlighted by the ABS-BR.
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