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[Abdelguerfi 1998] Abdelguerfi, M., R. Ladner, K.B. Shaw, M.J. Chung, and R. Wilson. "VPF+: A Vector Product Format Extension Suitable for Three-Dimensional Modeling and Simulation." Technical Report NRL/FR/7441-98-9683. Stennis Space Center Mississippi: Naval Research Laboratory, 1998. [Abiteboul 1991] Abiteboul, S., and A. Bonner. "Objects and Views." In Proceedings of
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the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, (Boulder,
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Colorado: ACM Press, May 1991), 238-247. [Abiteboul 1998] Abiteboul, S., J. Widom, and T. Lahiri. "A Unified Approach for Querying Structured Data and XML." html. [Abola 1987] Abola, E., F.C. Bernstein, S.H. Bryant, T.F. Koetzle, and J. Weng. "Protein Data Bank in Crystallographic Databases." Information Content, Software Systems,
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Scientific Applications (1987): 107-132.
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[Agarwal 1995] Agarwal, S., C. Keene, and A.M. Keller. "Architecting Object Applications for High Performance with Relational Databases." Proceedings of the
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OOPSLA 95 Workshop on Object Database Behavior, Benchmarks, and Performance,
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Austin, Texas, October 1995. [Agesen 1997] Agesen, O., S.N. Freund, and J.C. Mitchell. "Adding Type Parameterization to the Java Language." In Proceedings of the ACM International
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Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications
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(OOPSLA 97), (Atlanta, Georgia: ACM Press, October 1997), 49-65. [Alagic 1997] Alagic, S. "The ODMG Object Model: Does it Make Sense " In Proceedings
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of the ACM International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems,
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References Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA 97), (Atlanta, Georgia: ACM Press, October 1997), 253-270. [Albano 1985] Albano, A., L. Cardelli, and R. Orsini. "Galileo: A Strongly-Typed, Interactive Conceptual Language." A CM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) 10,2 (1985): 230-260. [Allen 1987] Allen, F.H., G. Bergerhoff, and R. Sievers. Data Commission of the International Union of Crystallography, Bonn/Cambridge/Chester: (1987): 107-132. [Alpern 1999] Alpern, B., A. Cocchi, D. Lieber, M. Mergen, and V. Sarkar. "Jalapeno a Compiler-Supported Java Virtual Machine for Servers." ACM SIGPLAN 1999 Workshop on Compiler Support for System Software (WCSSS 99), Atlanta, Georgia, May 1999. [Anderson 1990] Anderson, T.L., A.J. Berre, M. Mallison, H.H. Porter, and B. Schneider. "The HyperModel Benchmark." In Proceedings of the European Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT 90), (Venice, Italy: Springer, March 1990), 317-333. [Andrews 1987] Andrews, T., and H. Harris. "Combining Language and Database Advances in an Object-Oriented Development Environment." In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA 87), (Orlando, Florida: ACM Press, October 1987), 430-40. [Anfindsen 1999] Anfindsen O.]., and A. Danielsen. "Java Databases: an Evaluation." Telenor Research Report TR-1999-18. Kjeller, Norway: Telenor Research & Development, 1999. [Angluin 1988] Angluin, D. "Queries and Concept Learning." Machine Learning 2 (1988): 319-342. [Angster 1998] Angster, E. "Teaching Concepts in the Object-Oriented Field." In Proceedings of the ECOOP 98 Workshop on Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully (Brussels, Belgium: Springer, July 1998), 335-339. [ANSI SQLJ] ANSI Specification X3.135.10-1998. "Information Technology Database Languages SQL Part 10 Object Language Bindings (SQL/OLB)." [Apostrophe 1996] Apostrophe Software. "Apostrophe Software Reviews." Apostrophe Software, Canada. [Atkinson 1989] Atkinson, M., F. Bancilhon, D. DeWitt, K. Dittrich, D. Maier, and S. Zdonik. "The Object-Oriented Database System Manifesto." In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases, Kyoto, Japan: North-Holland/Elsevier Science Publishers, 1989. [Atkinson 1995] Atkinson, M.P., and R. Morrison. "Orthogonally Persistent Systems." The VLDB journal 4,3 (1995): 319-402. [Atkinson 1996] Atkinson M.P., M.J. Jordan, L. Dayn s, and S. Spence. "Design Issues for Persistent Java: A Type-Safe, Object-Oriented Orthogonally Persistent System." In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems (POS-7), (Cape May, New Jersey: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, May 1996), 33-47. [Attwood 1999] Attwood, T.K., and D.J. Parry-Smith. Introduction to Bioinformatics, Harlow: Addison-Wesley Longman, 1999. [Australian Bureau of Statistics] Australian Bureau of Statistics. [Baker 1997] Baker, S. CORBA Distributed Objects, Reading, Massachusetts: AddisonWesley, 1997.
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References [Bancilhon 1992] Bancilhon, F., C. Delobel, and P. Kanellakis (eds.). Building an ObjectOriented Database System: The Story of 02, San Mateo, California: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1992. [Barrett 1996] Barrett, D.J., A. Kaplan, and J.C. Wileden. "Automated Support for Seamless Inter-Operability in Polylingual Software Systems." The Fourth Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, San Francisco, California, October 1996. [Barry 1998] Barry, D., and S. Torsten. "Solving the Java Object Storage Problem." IEEE Computer 31,11 (1998): 33-40. [Barsalou 1990] Barsalou, T, and G. Wiederhold. "Complex Objects for Relational Databases." Computer Aided Design 22,8 (1990). [Barsalou 1991] Barsalou, T., N. Siambela, A.M. Keller, and G. Wiederhold. "Updating Relational Databases through Object-Based Views." In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (Denver, COLORADO: ACM Press, May 1991), 248-257. [Basalaj 1999] Basalaj, W., and K. Eilbeck. "Straight-Line Drawings of Protein Interactions." In Proceedings of Graph Drawing 99, 1999. [Basu 1997a] Basu, J., A.M. Keller, and M. Poess. "Centralized versus Distributed Index Management in a Page Server OODBMS." In Proceedings of the First East-European Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 97), (St. Petersburg, Russia,September 1997), 162-169. [Basu 1997b] Basu,J., A.M. Keller, and M. Poess. "Performance Evaluation of Centralized and Distributed Index Schemes for a Page Server OODBMS." Technical Note, CS-TN97-55. Stanford University: Computer Science Department, March 1997. [Basu 1997c] Basu, J., M. Poess, and A.M. Keller. "High Performance and Scalability through Associative CJient-Side Caching." Seventh International Workshop on High Performance Transaction Systems, Pacific Grove, California, September 1997. [Basu 1997d] Basu, J., M. Poess, and A.M. Keller. "Performance Analysis of an Associative Caching Scheme for Client-Server Databases." Technical Note, STANCS-TN-97-61. Stanford University: Computer Science Department, September 1997. [Batory 1979] Batory, D.S. "On Searching Transposed Files." ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) 4,4 (1979): 531-544. [Bernstein 1977] Bernstein, F.C., T.F. Koetzle, G.J.B. Williams, E.F. Meyer Jr., M.D. Brice, J.R. Rodgers, O. Kennard, T. Shimanouchi, and M. Tasumi. "The Protein Data Bank: A Computer-Based Archival File for Macromolecular Structures." Journal of Molecular Biology 112 (1977): 535-542. [Bertino 1993] Bertino, E., and L. Martino. Object-Oriented Database Systems: Concepts and Architectures, Wokingham: Addison-Wesley, 1993. [Bj rge 1999] Bj rge, E. "Transition from Relational DBMS to Object DBMS: A Research of DBMS Performance, Advantages and Transition Costs." Master's Degree Thesis. University of Bergen, Norway: Department of Information Science, March 1999. (In Norwegian) [Blackburn 1998] Blackburn, S.M. "Persistent Store Interface: A Foundation for Scalable Persistent System Design." Ph.D. Thesis. Canberra, Australia: Australian National University, 1998. [Blackburn 1998a] Blackburn, S.M., and J.N. Zigman. "Concurrency The Fly in the Ointment " Advances in Persistent Object Systems: Third International Workshop on Persistence and Java, Tiburon, California, September 1998.
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References [Blake 1994] Blake, G.E., M.P. Consens, P. Kilpel inen, P. Larson, T. Snider, and F.Wm. Tompa. "Text / Relational Database Management Systems: Harmonizing SQL and SGML." In Proceedings of First International Conference on Applications of Databases (ADB 94), (Vadstena, Sweden: Springer, June 1994), 267-280. [Blakeley 1989] Blakeley, J.A., N. Coburn, and P. Larson. "Updating Derived Relations: Detecting Irrelevant and Autonomously Computable Updates." ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) 14,3 (1989): 369-400. [Blundell 1987] Blundell, T.L., B.L. Sibanda, MJ.E. Sternberg, and J.M. Thornton,. "Knowledge-Based Prediction of Protein Structures and the Design of Novel Molecules." Nature 326,6111 (1987): 347-352. [Blundell 1988] Blundell, T., D. Carney, S. Gardner, F. Hayes, B. Howlin, T. Hubbard, J. Overington, D.A. Singh, B.L. Sibanda, and M. Sutcliffe, "Knowledge-Based Protein Modelling and Design." European Journal of Biochemistry 172 (1988): 513-520. [Bocker 1990] Bocker, H.-D., and J. Herczeg. "What Tracers Are Made of." In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA 90), (Ottawa, Canada: ACM Press, October 1990), 88-99. [B hm 1997] B hm, K., K. Aberer, E.J. Neuhold, and X. Yang. "Structured Document Storage and Refined Declarative and Navigational Access Mechanisms in HyperStorM." The VLDB Journal 6,4 (1997): 296-311. [Bokowski 1998] Bokowski, B., and M. Dahm. "Poor Man's Genericity for Java." Proceedings of JIT '98, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Springer, November 1998. [Booch 1991] Booch, G. Object-Oriented Design with Applications, Redwood City, California: Benjamin/Cummings, 1991. [Booch 1999] Booch, G., J. Rumbaugh, and I. Jacobson. The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, 1999. [Borstler 1998] Borstler, J. "Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully Workshop Summary." In Proceedings of the ECOOP 98 Workshop on Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully (Brussels, Belgium: Springer, July 1998), 333-334. [Bray 1998] Bray, T., J. Paoli, and S. Sperberg-McQueen. "Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0." W3C Recommendation, 1998. [Bretl 1989] Bretl, R., D. Maier, A. Otis, J. Penney, B. Schuchardt, J. Stein, E. Williams, and M. Williams. "The GemStone Data Management System." Object-Oriented Concepts, Databases and Applications, W. Kim and F. Lochovsky (eds.). New York: ACM Press, 1989. [Brodsky 2000] Brodsky, S. "XMI Production of XML Schema RFP." OMG Public Documents, 2000. [Brown 1996] Brown, K.P., M.J. Carey, and M. Livny. "Goal-Oriented Buffer Management Revisited." In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (Montreal, Quebec, Canada: ACM Press, June 1996), 353-364. [Brown 1998] Brown, L.J., M.P. Consens, I.J. Davis, C.R. Palmer, and F.Wm. Tompa. "A Structured Text ADT for Object-Relational Databases." journal on Theory and Practice of Object Systems 4,4 (1998): 227-244. [Burkhardt 1995] Burkhardt. R. UML - Unified Modeling Language. Bonn: AddisonWesley, 1995.
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