A declaration of a parametric semantic extension to achieve trivial instrumentation. in Java

Compose qr-codes in Java A declaration of a parametric semantic extension to achieve trivial instrumentation.
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public class java$langSObject$ { protected final java.lang.Object pre$getfield$() { if(Tracer.showAccess(this)) System.out.println("Going to access object "+this) return this; } }
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Listing 10.1 A declaration of a parametric semantic extension to achieve trivial instrumentation.
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The semantic extension framework is invoked each time a user class is loaded. This action triggers a special semantic extension class loader to search for and load any semantic extension classes that are applicable to the user class being loaded (according to the scoping rules already described). The semantic extension class loader relies on the same visibility rules as all other Java class loaders. This means that a whole suite of semantic extensions may be turned on or turned off by simply including or excluding the path containing extension classes from the class paths visible to the JVM (which can be done trivially either by changing the CLASSPATH environment variable or by setting the - c l a s s p a t h option on the JVM command line).
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Further Implementation Issues
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A detailed account of the SEF and its implementation is beyond the scope of this chapter refer to the work of Marquez, Zigman, and Blackburn [Marquez 2000] for details. However, we will briefly mention two implementation issues. The first of these is the way that the SEF deals with system classes. Because Java system classes are not directly modifiable, the SEF uses a proxying approach whereby references to the target system class are redirected transparently to a proxy for the system class. Although the SEF cannot modify any of the system class methods, the proxy mechanism can be used to redefine any of the methods, calling back to the unmodified system class if desired. Extensions defined with respect to a system class are, of course, applied to any class that inherits from the system class. The second important issue is the impact of the SEF on Java's introspection mechanisms. Because the SEF rewrites classes and in many cases generates new classes, methods such as getclass() may return unexpected results. Fortunately the SEF can rectify such confusing side effects automatically by semantically extending Java's introspection mechanisms to reflect the desired behavior.
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PSI: Abstracting over Storage
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By abstracting over storage, the application developer is freed from explicit concern for the characteristics of the underlying storage architecture whether the system is scalable, distributed, or what the interface of the particular system is. Furthermore, as the demands of the application change, the choice of most suitable storage platform may
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Addressing Complexity and Scale in a High-Performance Object Server
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also change. If the application, through a layer of abstraction, has become independent of the particular storage platform, the storage system may be changed without perturbing application code. In this section we identify PSI, which is an instantiation of the
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transnational object cache architecture.
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Central to the architecture is the cache, to which the underlying store, the language run-time, and the application may have direct access. A transactional interface mediates the movement of data in and out of the cache, giving the language run time (and through it the application) transactional guarantees of atomicity, isolation, coherency, and durability with respect to its accesses to the cache. A layering of storage and programming language concerns is explicit in the architecture. The explicit acknowledgement of the centrality of the cache and the provision for mediated direct access to it contrast with other architectures for persistent systems [Matthes 1996]; [Munro 1994] that provide the abstraction of a persistent heap, implemented with a relatively expensive procedure call interface for data access. This aspect of the transactional object cache architecture makes it far more conducive to high performance implementations than such alternatives. By providing an abstraction over the object store through layering, the architecture is transparent to the distribution of the underlying store, and coupled with the concurrency control delivered by the transactional interface, facilitates the implementation of multi-user, client/server, or highly scalable multiprocessor implementations independently of the language run time/application [Blackburn 1998]. We characterize this property of distribution transparency from the perspective of the run time and application with the term single image store. See also Figure 10.3.
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