Aligning the Tracks in Java

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7 Aligning the Tracks
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Snap Warning
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It s important to realize something about ACID s snapping function at this point. When you drag an event in ACID, the beginning of the event snaps to ACID s grid. This is great when your event starts right on a downbeat, but it has undesirable effects when your event starts at some other point. Now that you ve extended your event to start at some point before the initial downbeat, your event no longer starts at a point that should be lined up to the grid. This event will remain perfectly in sync as it is, but if you were to drag it now, the new beginning would line up to ACID s grid instead of the downbeat lining up to the grid. For this reason, you need to take extra effort when dragging events that do not start on a downbeat. The usual method is to shorten the event so the beginning does start on a downbeat, and then drag the event to its new location, allowing the snap to maintain synchronicity between the event s internal beat and ACID s beat grid. Then, lengthen the event again so the event starts where you want it to. Another approach is to lengthen your event so it starts at an earlier downbeat, drag it, and then shorten it again. This extra step is inconvenient, but it is a lot easier than manually realigning your event each time you move it.
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Now you can drop in the Whoomp! acapella into ACID, canceling the Beatmapper Wizard if you are using ACID Pro, and follow these steps: 1. In the General tab of the acapella s Properties window, set the type to Beatmapped if it is not already, and make sure the Preserve Pitch When Stretching check box is checked. This will be in the clip s Properties window in ACID Pro 6. 2. In the Stretch tab of the acapella s Properties window, set the Original Tempo to the same value as the Original Tempo of the full song. Also, make sure the downbeat offset of your acapella is set to 0 (zero), because you will not necessarily be snapping the beginning of your acapella to a significant beat in ACID s grid.
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There is no guarantee that the acapella s bpm will be identical to the full version, but it s usually a good starting point, unless your full song is a remix where the original tempo has been significantly altered. If you are manipulating an officially released acapella, chances are the more recently your acapella was released, the more likely that the tempos will be identical between the full version and the acapella.
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3. Line up the first vocal phrase of the two tracks, moving the acapella so it speaks at the exact same time as the full song. Remember to concentrate only on lining the first phrase at first, dragging the acapella so that it sounds close, zooming in and refining, and repeating the process until the two vocal tracks sound like one. It should sound like one single vocal with no echoes or doubling.
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7 Aligning the Tracks
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In the case of Whoomp!, it turns out that the beginnings of the two tracks will pretty much line up with each other and they will sound like a single voice. Both will start around beat 1.3.657, although your numbers may differ. As long as the two vocals sound like one at the beginning, you re in good shape.
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Sometimes you can line up the vocals visually, but most of the time the nonvocal elements in the full mix obscure the vocals, making visual synchronization difficult. Your ears are the best judge, because you can tell pretty easily whether it sounds like two vocals or one. If there is an echo, it can be hard to tell which track is speaking or singing first. If this happens, you can try panning one track all the way to the left and the other track all the way to the right. In this case, a perfectly synced acapella will sound like it s panned dead center, while all the instruments are panned all the way to one side.
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4. Click the Play button and listen to the tracks to make sure that they stay aligned throughout. If the acapella s bpm differs from the full song s bpm, the two vocals will start to sound slightly doubled, eventually becoming an obvious echo. You will notice this happen with the two Whoomp! tracks. Even though they start perfectly aligned, pretty soon the echo becomes obvious and sloppy. What this means is that you will need to adjust the acapella s bpm. It s easiest if you adjust it while listening to a later portion of the track where the misalignment has become more obvious. 5. In the Stretch tab of the acapella s Properties window, adjust the Original Tempo. If you don t initially know whether to speed up or slow down the acapella, simply try to adjust it one way, and if the echo gets worse, try adjusting it the other way. Pressing the Ctrl key while dragging the bar in between the up and down arrows next to the Original Tempo text box is a quick way to adjust this tempo while listening to the results. In this example, the acapella in Whoomp! is a bit slower than the full song, and you will need to bring the Original Tempo down to a value of about 129.369. At this tempo, the tracks not only start out in sync, but finish in sync as well. Sometimes there may be a bit of silence before the acapella s initial vocal, although it s very short in this example. But you may possibly encounter a silence long enough that when you find the new tempo that syncs up the vocals toward the end of the track, that the initial phrase is now offset. If this happens, simply realign the initial phrases, and then fine-tune the tempo again so the ending lines up. To minimize this potential effect, trim off any silence at the beginning of your acapella before starting the syncing process.
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