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Many types of effects are available in ACID, including reverb, EQ, delays, distortion, chorus, and others. Each effect is discussed in detail in 12, but there are some general methods for adding and controlling all effects that are briefly described here. In addition to the effects that are shipped with ACID, you can use VST plug-in effects, again discussed in 12, hugely increasing the sonic potential of ACID.
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Effects are available in ACID Pro, but not ACID XPress.
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5 Using the Software
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Click the Track FX button (previously shown in Figure 5-4) of track 1 in the track list. An Audio Plug-In window pops up that looks like the one shown in Figure 5-8. When a new track is created, an effect called Track EQ is automatically added. This effect can potentially alter the color of your audio track, but because each frequency band defaults to 0.0 dB, it will not initially alter the sound.
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Chain preset Edit chain Remove selected plug-in Configure FX automation Delete chain preset Save chain preset Bypass FX automation Delete FX preset Save FX preset
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Track number and type Effect chain Effect preset
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Effect parameter area
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FIGURE 5-8: The Audio Plug-In window, also called the Audio Track FX window
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Each track can have a series of effects that process the track s audio, one after another. This series of effects is called an effects chain. The majority of the Audio Plug-In window is taken up by the effects parameters for that particular effect. This window changes depending on what effect you are currently editing.
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When the Audio Plug-In window is docked, it is called Audio Track FX instead of Audio Plug-In. There is no significance to this; it s just an idiosyncrasy in the ACID software.
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Effects presets appear in a drop-down window near the top of the effect parameters frame. The effects preset drop-down is not to be confused with the Chain drop-down window, which appears at the top of the Audio Plug-In window previously shown in Figure 5-8, and outside of the effects parameter frame. The preset drop-down window includes a number of effects
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presets, each of which changes every parameter within the effect. Click the down-arrow next to the effects preset drop-down window and select any preset. Do this a few times with a few different presets, and notice how all the parameters change. Presets are useful in a few ways. First, you can quickly try out different sets of parameters that are preinstalled with ACID, and second, you can store your own presets for later use. To store your own preset, change any of the parameters in the effects parameter frame. In the case of Track EQ, these settings include Frequency, Gain, and Bandwidth. EQ is discussed in greater detail in 12. After you have altered the effects parameters, type the name of your new preset in the Preset drop-down box, and click the Save FX Preset button. Your preset is now saved, and any time you load up the current effect (in this case, Track EQ), you will have your preset available. To delete the effects preset, select the preset and then click the Delete FX Preset button.
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The effects chain area appears in the Audio Plug-In window above the effects parameters frame (previously shown at the top of Figure 5-7). In the top row are buttons that add, remove, and configure automation for effects. In the second row are controls related to chain presets, and in the third row is a representation of the current chain.
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Plug-In Chooser
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To add new effects to the chain, click the Edit Chain button. The Plug-In Chooser window appears, showing you all the possible effects you could add to your chain (see Figure 5-9). Double-click the Flange/Wah-wah effect to add it to the end of your chain. An alternate way to do this would be to click Flange/Wah-wah and then click the Add button.
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