Zoom In Track Height Zoom Out Track Height in Java

Incoporate GTIN - 12 in Java Zoom In Track Height Zoom Out Track Height
Zoom In Track Height Zoom Out Track Height
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FIGURE 5-6: The vertical scroll and zoom
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Additionally, you can zoom in vertically on individual tracks. To change the height of a single track, click the lower edge of the track in the track list and drag it up or down. Alternatively, you can click the Minimize/Restore buttons (shown previously in Figure 5-4) or the Maximize/ Restore buttons, which become visible if the track height is sufficient. There is one last zoom function to discuss: the zoom tool. This is unlike other tools in that ACID will revert to the previously selected tool after using it once. Click the zoom tool and then click and drag diagonally across the events you want to zoom in on, outlining a rectangle around your desired zoom area. ACID s window will zoom in both horizontally and vertically at the same time, and your tool will revert to whatever it was previously. Now click the zoom tool again and click in the event area without dragging (or just double-click the zoom tool). ACID s window will zoom out all the way, both horizontally and vertically.
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5 Using the Software
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The Beat Ruler and Time Ruler
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You may have noticed that during all of this scrolling and zooming, the numbers and tick marks move and shift in the area above the events. These numbers count off the number of measures, beats, and beat subdivisions elapsed since the beginning of the project. The beat subdivisions show up only if you are zoomed in enough, and there are 768 of them per beat (384 per eighth note and 192 per sixteenth note). Because you will typically be lining up your tracks to measures and beats, the beat ruler is usually enough of a time reference, but if you want to see time in another format minutes and seconds, for example you can view an additional time ruler by choosing View Time Ruler and checking the Show Time Ruler item. The time ruler will appear below the events and above the transport bar, as shown previously in Figure 5-1. You can also change the format to various other time formats in the View menu s Time Ruler submenu.
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The bulk of the work you ll do in ACID will involve events. Events are basically instructions that tell ACID what part of the audio file to play, when to play it, and for how long. A mashup gets built by piecing together and layering various events.
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In ACID XPress (and earlier versions of ACID Pro), tracks are associated with a single audio file. Every event within the track is a portion of that audio file. ACID Pro 6 introduces tracks that can contain multiple sources for audio. These sources are called clips. Each track contains a collection of clips called a clip pool. The audio for events in a track comes from one of the clips in the track s clip pool.
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Tools for Event Manipulation
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When a new mp3 or wav file is added to your project, ACID XPress automatically creates an associated blank track. ACID Pro 6 creates it with a single-clip clip pool. To get the track to make any sound, you have to create events on the track in the timeline. You can use the paint tool, as you did in 1, or you can use the draw tool. After you create your events, you can select some of them and move them about. Again, the draw tool comes in handy for this, as does the selection tool.
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The Paint Tool
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Although the draw tool is typically more useful, the paint tool has a few capabilities that the draw tool lacks. For example, the paint tool can do the following: Create events on more than one track in a single drag, so if you drag across multiple tracks, it will create events on each of those tracks Join adjacent beatmapped events together on the same track if you paint across both of them (one-shots as well in XPress) Behave just like the erase tool if you right-click
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