Track List in Java

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Track List
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Now it s time to play around a little bit with the track list features. The components of the track list are detailed in Figure 5-4.
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Minimize/Restore Track Height Time at Cursor Arm for Record Track FX Measure and Beat at Cursor Automation Settings Mute Solo
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Volume Slider Pan Slider
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Track Number Track Name Master Bus
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Project Tempo
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Project Time Signature
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Project Key
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FIGURE 5-4: ACID Pro s track list
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ACID XPress has a single multipurpose slider instead of separate pan and volume sliders.
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Click the Play from Start button, and while the project is playing, drag the volume slider for one of the tracks to the left and then to the right. Notice how the volume is reduced when you drag to the left and increased when you drag to the right. Press Ctrl+Z to undo the changes you just made.
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If you have ACID XPress, click Vol, right next to the slider. A drop-down menu will pop up. Select Pan instead of Vol, changing the multipurpose slider mode.
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Now drag the pan slider from right to left. Assuming you are listening in stereo, you should hear the track moving from right to left as well. Press Ctrl+Z to undo this action. If you want
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5 Using the Software
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to adjust the volume or pan only slightly, try pressing the Ctrl key while you are dragging the sliders. You can move the sliders in smaller increments this way. Now click the Mute button on one of the tracks, play the project, and notice how the track is silenced. Click the Mute button again to un-mute it. Now click the Solo button on the same track and click Play. Notice everything is muted except the soloed track. Click the Solo button again to un-solo it. Now it s time to mess around with the tempo a little bit. It s probably best to do this with Whoomp! soloed, because the Stand Up Tall track is a one-shot and is therefore unresponsive to project tempo (more on that later). After soloing track 2 ( Whoomp! ), drag the tempo slider all the way to the right and let go. You ll hear the vocals speed way up, although their pitch will remain unaltered. Now drag the tempo slider all the way to the left and let go. You ll hear the vocals playing back veerrryyy ssslllooowwllyy. Notice as you drag the tempo slider that a bar appears next to each track, informing you of how much the track is slowed down or sped up. A percentage value signifying the amount of tempo shift appears at the right of each track while you move the tempo slider. Now press Ctrl+Z to reset the tempo to the original bpm. Click the Solo button for track 2 to undo the soloing. The project key, which is located to the right of the tempo slider, tells ACID what key to transpose the tracks to. This affects only tracks for which the root note has been set, and will be discussed later in this chapter in the section on track/clip properties. It is easy to rearrange the order in which the tracks appear. Click track 1, either on the track name or the icon with the track number and type. Now drag the track downward until the cursor is below the second track and let go. Notice how the track order was rearranged. The playback will still sound identical, however. The reason you might want to rearrange tracks is primarily so that related tracks are visually close to each other. You can also cut, copy, paste, and delete entire tracks. Select a track by clicking on the track name or the icon with the track number and type. Now press the Delete key. You will see the entire track disappear. Press Ctrl+Z to undo this action. Now press Ctrl+X to cut the selection (the scissors icon in the ACID toolbar has the same effect). You will again see the entire track disappear, but this time the track is sitting in the computer s clipboard, waiting to be pasted. Press Ctrl+V to paste the selection, and you will see that the track has returned. Press Ctrl+V one more time just to prove that you are indeed pasting a track from the clipboard. You will notice that there are now two identical tracks. Press Ctrl+Z to revert your project to just two tracks. Now select the other track and press Ctrl+C to copy it. You won t see anything disappear, but ACID has made a copy of the track and put it into its clipboard. Press Ctrl+V (paste) to prove this, and then press Ctrl+Z again to return the project to its original two-track state. If you want to change the playback pitch of the entire track, select the track (in the track list, not the timeline) and click the +/= button (or press the + key on the number pad) to raise the pitch, or click the key to lower the pitch. These keys will change the event s pitch one semitone at a time. If you press Shift while holding down either of these keys, the pitch will change four semitones at a time. The behavior of the pitch-shifting depends on the track type, as discussed in the section on track properties windows later in this chapter.
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