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Appendix B Online Resources
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MashMix (Loo & Placido): http://www.looandplacido.com/pages/
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Mashup.Podcast Web Site: www.tbr.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/mashup Podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Mashuppodcast Mashuptown.Podcast: http://www.mashuptown.com Radio Clash (Instamatic): Web Site: www.mutantpop.net/radioclash Podcast: www.mutantpop.net/radioclash/rssfeed.php Smash Mix (DJ Paul V): Web Site: www.thesmashmix.com Podcast: www.thesmashmix.com/ feed=rss2 Twisted Radio: Web Site: www.podcast.net/show/86063 Podcast: www.twisted.co.nz/radio/podcast/The_Mashup_Show.rss WoBcast (West of Bastard): Web Site: www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/wobcasts.html Podcast: www.thejuxtaposition.co.uk/feed.xml ZebraMix (DJ Zebra): Web Site: www.ouifm.fr/media.php action=podcast&id=4 Podcast: www.ouifm.fr/podcast/zebramix.rss
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Other Useful Information and Tutorials
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Guide to unprotecting audio files: http://wiki.ehow.com/Convert-ProtectedAudio-Into-a-Plain-MP3
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DJ Prince Mixing Tips (includes a database of tempo and keys for popular music.):
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Camelot Sound Services (sells bpm and key data): www.harmonic-mixing.com/
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A list of oops-able Beatles songs plus tutorial: www.beatletracks.com/
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DVD ripping tutorial: www.doom9.org/index.html /descrambling-guides.htm Guide to EQ: www.modcam.com/emusic/Frequency_ranges.pdf Search Engine Optimization: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine
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Appendix B Online Resources
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HTML Tutorials
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W3 Schools: www.w3schools.com Learn the Net: www.learnthenet.com/english/section/webpubl.html Dave s HTML Code Guide: www.davesite.com/webstation/html
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Sites that Host Music
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Multiply: http://multiply.com MySpace: http://myspace.com
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Search Engines
Isohunt (BitTorrent search engine): www.isohunt.com Audiofind (Usenet music search engine): http://audiofind.com
iTunes Downloads
Here s a complete list of iTunes Store audio files used in the examples throughout this book. Since the easiest way to convert the files involves burning a CD, you may wish to buy and burn several songs at once in order not to waste blank CDs.
Table B-1
Title Whoomp! (There It Is) [Acappella Mix] Stand Up Tall (Instrumental Version) Policy of Truth Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Artist Tag Team Dizzee Rascal Depeche Mode Eurythmics Album Whoomp! (There It Is) - EP Stand Up Tall - EP (CD 1) Violator Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Whoomp! (There It Is) - EP Something s Going On (Remastered) Milkshake - Single Milkshake - Single Harry Nilsson: Greatest Hits s Used 1, 5, 7 1, 5 7 7 7 9 10 10 10
Whoomp! (There It Is) [Radio Edit] Tag Team I Know There s Something Going On Milkshake (Instrumental) Milshake (Radio Edit) One Frida Kelis Kelis Harry Nilsson
See flat. See sharp. 3/4 A triple meter representing three quarter notes per measure; a waltz meter. 4/4 The most common meter in popular music representing four quarter notes per measure. 33 1 3 Standard number of revolutions per minute (rpm) for a standard long-playing vinyl album. 45 The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) for a 7-inch vinyl single; a popular format for delivery of singles, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. 78 The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) of early vinyl recordings. AAC Advanced Audio Coding, the preferred audio codec format for songs sold in Apple s iTunes Store. Although its compression is superior to that of mp3s, AAC s popularity hasn t approached that of the mp3 codec, and many software packages still do not offer AAC decoding/encoding. Ableton Live Music production software that offers a great array of tools for mashup production, including variable tempo beatmapping and real-time manipulation. AC3 Also known as Dolby Digital, the most common form of surround sound for DVD video and cable, digital broadcast, and satellite TV acapella A version of a song with all the instrumentation removed and only the vocal parts remaining. (See the Searching for Accappellazz sidebar in 3 for a discussion of the various spellings and misspellings of acapella.) acapella extraction The process of separating the vocals from the instrumentation in a stereo mixed-down recording. accent A rhythmic event having greater emphasis than other surrounding rhythmic events .acd The windows extension given to Acid project files. .acd-zip The windows extension given to Acid project files that contain all of the sound files used in the project. ACID Multitrack music production software from Sony that is capable of manipulating pitch and tempo in real time; a favorite production tool of mashup artists. ACID Music Studio An intermediate level version of ACID that offers more features than ACID XPress or XMC, but is not as fullfeatured as ACID Pro. ACID Pro The top-of-the-line version of ACID, used by serious mashup producers. It is available as a demo on the CD-ROM in this book. ACID XPress A free version of ACID, with a reduced feature set, that is only available in version 5.0. It is included on the CD-ROM in this book. ACID XMC Introductory version of ACID, with more features than XPress, but fewer than ACID Music Studio or Pro. AcidPlanet A website operated by Sony that is dedicated to ACID, where users can upload their tracks, enter contests, and download remix kits. acoustic mirror An effect provided with ACID Pro that performs convolution reverb. acoustics (1) The science of sound. (2) The sonic characteristics of a space, including reflections and absorptions. Agent Newsreader software from Fort . .aif Windows extension for the AIFF format.