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Sound Systems
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Many people listening to your work will do it on their home stereos. If possible, check out your mix on friends stereo systems as well as your own. If your mashup doesn t sound so hot on your friend s system, make sure that the stereo sounds good on other songs. It s possible that the stereo just sounds bad. It s valuable to listen with headphones on, especially when you re examining the stereo separation of your mix, because headphones offer the purest reproduction of the stereo field. However, do not try to adjust your bass levels with headphones, because they are notoriously bad at bass reproduction. In fact, if you have access to a sound system with kickin bass, it s great to listen to your mix with it. Often the bass in some home stereos will not be deep enough to reproduce all the frequencies in your mix. You may be surprised to hear what s happening in the lowest registers. If you do not have access to a sound system with good bass, you can perform a spectral analysis on your mix. Comparing the output to the analysis of a reference song can alert you to problems with the bass in the registers lower than your sound system is capable of reproducing.
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12 Finishing Touches
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If have access to a good car stereo, it s a great way to check out the mix. Some engineers at major music studios will take their masters outside to the car to check them out. Also, changing the location has a subtle psychological effect that can change your perspective slightly.
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One of the greatest ways to alter your perspective is simply to wait. After several hours of listening to your mix over and over, your ears become used to the way the music sounds, and you can easily lose objectivity. You may be surprised at what you ll hear the next day after you thought you had totally finished your mix. In general, a mix is never truly finished on the day you re done working on it. If you come back a day or two later and it still sounds good, that s a good sign! Be patient. Although it s tempting to render and distribute your mashup the moment it s done, quality control may require a bit of time.
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One of the best ways to achieve a fresh perspective is to use a different set of ears. If you have friends with good taste and judgment, they can be very useful. Listen to what they say with an open mind, and don t get too defensive. It s easy to discard what they have to say, especially if they question choices you made that you re very happy with. Give their opinions a bit of time to settle in, and then decide what parts of their feedback to act on. Don t forget that different people have different ways of expressing what they hear. Often, non-musicians may use imprecise words to express what they are hearing. For example, a busy part of a song may be described as fast, or a jarring frequency may be described as loud. They may hear a problem that actually exists, but not be able to identify it with precision.
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Breaking It Down
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So now you ve learned how to make a mashup from the ground up, from basics of music and music software, to keeping the tracks in time and in key, to arrangement, unmixing, and remixing. All that s left to do is get your mashup in distributable form, consider the legalities, and put it out there.
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