Arrangement: Putting It All Together in Java

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11 Arrangement: Putting It All Together
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violate them. It s up to you. But do have a big picture. Music is more than a moment-bymoment experience, a series of loops that sound good together. A great piece of music is like a fantastic journey, each step taking you further until you reach your destination.
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If you ve been playing around with ACID for a bit and have been experimenting with layers, you probably already have some pretty cool combinations in mind. You may even have layered sections in a sequence that sounds great. There is a danger, however, of letting your sketchpad determine your structure. Remember, a sketchpad is for determining which sections work together, not for creating the structure. In fact, it s very hard to build the structure until you know which sections work together. So if you re playing around with the sections, don t let that determine your structure. At some point during your mashup construction, take a step back to look at the big picture. After playing around in your sketch area, your component songs are hopefully pretty chopped up, segmented, and mangled. In fact, after playing around for a while with your sections, you may forget what the original songs sound like. This may actually be a good thing because it will allow you to recontextualize the elements more freely. However, when you re thinking about structure, it s a good idea to listen again to each of the component songs in its entirety. You might actually hear some great parts that you missed as you chopped and moved the chunks around. When you listen to each song, note the song s structure. Does it have an intro A verse/chorus structure A bridge or break Many times, a mashup s structure will closely mirror one of the component song s structures. This is especially true in a song with only one dominant vocal. Often the lead vocal forces the background instrumentation into the vocalist s structure, especially if the acapella is relatively unaltered. In addition to reexamining each song, you may want to listen to any remixes, instrumentals, or acapella versions you can get your hands on. You may end up using a version of the song that you didn t start off needing or considering. If your background instrumentation is not instantly recognizable, it s a good idea to somehow make the song identifiable at some point during the mashup. This might be achieved by inserting a few words from the backing track somewhere during a break in the lead vocals. Alternatively, you could use vocals from the backing track as a bridge. One of the pleasures of listening to mashups is the recognition of multiple songs at once. If your backing track remains unidentifiable, this pleasure may be missing for your listeners. As you listen to your sketch, make a note of your favorite combinations. If a layered section is really catchy, and the lyrics are repeatable, maybe it s a good candidate for the chorus. If a layered section contains lyrics from a component song s verse, maybe the combination can serve as the mashup s verse. If a layered section just sounds really cool, but maybe is so unusual that it needn t be repeated, maybe it s a good candidate for the bridge section. Each element of song structure as it relates to mashup arrangement will be discussed over the next several pages.
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11 Arrangement: Putting It All Together
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A great new feature of ACID Pro 6 is the introduction of a Sections feature. This feature helps you rearrange the entire content of your mashup, including all audio, envelopes, and markers, with a simple drag-and-drop operation.
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One approach to arranging your mashup is to create sections that sound good, and then arrange them into an order that works on a larger scale. If you do decide to use ACID s sections, it s a good idea to define them for every portion of your mashup. To define an ACID section: 1. Above the beat ruler, select a portion of the timeline that corresponds to your section. 2. From the menu, choose Insert Section, or press Shift+S. The colored section will appear above the beat ruler in the timeline. 3. Type in the name of your section.
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To undefine an ACID section, right-click on the section above the beat ruler and select Remove Label. Your audio data will remain unaffected.
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To move an ACID Section: 1. Click on the section (above the beat ruler in the timeline) and drag it to the left or right, dropping it in the location you want. You can select multiple sections with Ctrl and Shift, just like events. 2. If the edges of your section are in the middle of any events, they will be automatically split before you move the section. 3. If you drop your section in the middle of existing events, the events will be split to make room for the new section. 4. No material is lost or created when you move sections; if you move a section backward, the material in between the old section location and the new section location will be moved forward to compensate, and vice versa. The total length of your arrangement will not change. 5. You cannot move one ACID section to the middle of another ACID section, splitting it. You are only allowed to move an ACID section in between two existing sections or in space not yet defined as an ACID section. This keeps all defined sections intact. If you are using ACID sections, it s a good idea to define all of your sections to more easily control where you drag and drop them. To change the length of an ACID section, simply drag either edge of it, just like you would do with an event using the Draw tool.
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