FIGURE 10-21: ACID Pro s EQ, removing the bass below the vocal range in Java

Generating UPC-A in Java FIGURE 10-21: ACID Pro s EQ, removing the bass below the vocal range
FIGURE 10-21: ACID Pro s EQ, removing the bass below the vocal range
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Transient Elimination
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Transient Elimination is one of the more overlooked methods of eliminating non-vocal sounds, especially drums. It can be labor-intensive, but remarkably effective. Transients are sounds that last only a very brief time, like hi-hats and the attack portion of snares. Often these sounds remain stubbornly noticeable after acapellas have been extracted using center channel extraction. Adobe Audition has an effect called Click/Pop Eliminator, which is designed for getting rid of extremely short sounds, typically glitches in the recording process. These sounds usually have frequencies unrelated to the surrounding sounds, much like many percussive sounds you might be interested in removing. You must painstakingly eliminate each one of these sounds individually. It would be great if you could just click a button and do this, but it requires many judgment calls to ensure that the intelligibility of the vocal isn t compromised.
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Don t confuse this with an effect called Auto Click/Pop Eliminator, which uses a much different algorithm and is of little use in transient elimination.
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Adobe Audition s Spectral View
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Although the Waveform view has the advantage of showing the wave data as it actually is stored, it can be hard to decode, especially when there are many different frequencies overlapping each other. The Spectral view addresses those problems by showing you a map of the intensity of all of the frequencies within the waveform over time. In Audition s Spectral view, you can perform any operation on specific frequencies within a time window. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Switch to spectral view by selecting View Spectral View. 2. Choose the Marquee selection tool, which looks like Figure 10-22.
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FIGURE 10-22: Marquee selection tool
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3. Drag the mouse across the waveform, simultaneously selecting a time range and a frequency range. 4. Perform the operation. This can be any operation you would perform on the waveform in Waveform view. Figure 10-23 shows you the Spectral view of the panned rhythmic pattern from Figure 10-6. The time scale is identical to that of the Waveform view, but now the vertical scale shows the frequencies within the wave rather than the position of the waveform itself. The color of the graph represents the intensity of the sound at that particular frequency, with blue being a low intensity, yellow being the highest intensity, and red being in between.
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Adobe Audition s Spectral View Continued
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FIGURE 10-23: The Spectral view of the panned rhythmic pattern from Figure 10-6
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Notice the sharp attack on all three types of percussion sounds. This is typical for all kinds of percussion. The leftmost event is the kick, which appears in both channels. You can see a sharp attack that has a broad spectrum of frequencies. The higher frequencies decay extremely rapidly while the lower frequencies linger, creating a shape like a capital L. The other events in the right (lower) channel are hi-hats. You can see the short time span of this percussive event as well as its broad and relatively high frequency. The snare is represented by the other event in the left (upper) channel. The snare differs from the hi-hat in that the decay is much longer and the frequency content, although still broad, is slightly lower.
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To eliminate an offending drum sound, follow these steps: 1. Zoom in on the percussive sound. 2. Select the portion of the wave starting at a point just before the attack, and ending just beyond the last portion of the sound you want to eliminate. Do not select more than one percussive burst in your selection. In general, the less you select the better. 3. Choose Effects NoiseReduction Click/Pop Eliminator.
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4. Click the Auto Find All Levels button. 5. Click the Fill Single Click Now button. The percussive sound should be gone now. This unfortunately can sometimes also eliminate portions of the vocals as well, especially when explosive consonants (Ps, Bs, Ts, Ds, Ks, and Gs) coincide with the instrumental percussion. This is when the spectral view comes in handy. Often, when the Click/Pop Eliminator gets rid of intelligible vocal sounds, you can undo it: Highlight just some of the frequencies in the Spectral view and try again.
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