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The author is grateful to all the students and collaborators who worked on and made contributions to the projects on tunable diffraction gratings, particularly, Dr. Shuying Bai, Xia Tong, Dr. Li Cui, Dr. Guan Wang, and Professor Tigran Galstian (Laval University, Quebec City, Canada). The author thanks Jie He for his assistance in the preparation of the manuscript. The author is also grateful for the nancial support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheurs et ` l Aide a la Recherche of Quebec (FQRNT), and University of Sherbrooke and St-Jean Photochemicals Inc. (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada).
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Bai S, Zhao Y. 2001. Azobenzene containing thermoplastic elastomers: coupling mechan ical and optical effects. Macromolecules 34:9032 9038. Bai S, Zhao Y. 2002. Azobenzene elastomers for mechanically tunable diffraction gratings. Macromolecules 35:9657 9664.
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Breiner T, Kreger K, Hagen R, Haeckel M, Kador L, Mueller AHE, Krame EJ, Schmidt HW. 2007. Blends of poly(methacrylate) block copolymers with photoaddressable segments. Macromolecules 40:2100 2108. Camacho Lopez M, Finkelmann H, Palffy Muhoray P, Shelley M. 2004. Fast liquid crystal elastomer swims into the dark. Nat Mater 3:307 310. Cui L, Tong X, Yan X, Liu G, Zhao Y. 2004. Photoactive thermoplastic elastomers of azobenzene containing triblock copolymers prepared through atom transfer radical polymerization. Macromolecules 37:7097 7104. Guan L, Zhao Y. 2000. Self assembly of a liquid crystalline anisotropic gel. Chem Mater 12:3667 3673. Guan L, Zhao Y. 2001. Self assembled gels of liquid crystals: hydrogen bonded aggregates formed in various liquid crystalline textures. J Mater Chem 11:1339 1344. Ichimura K. 2000. Photoalignment of liquid crystal systems. Chem Rev 100:1847 1874. Ichimura K, Oh SK, Nakagawa M. 2000. Light driven motion of liquid on a photosensitive surface. Science 288:1624 1626. Ikeda T. 2003. Photomodulation of liquid crystal orientations for photonic applications. J Mater Chem 13:2037 2057. Ikeda T, Tsutsumi O. 1995. Optical switching and image storage by means of azobenzene liquid crystal lms. Science 268:1873 1875. Kang SW, Sprunt S, Chien LC. 2001. Switchable diffraction gratings based on inversion of the dielectric anisotropy in nematic liquid crystals. Appl Phys Lett 78:3782 3784. Kato T, Kondo G, Hanabusa K. 1998a. Thermoreversible self organized gels of a liquid crystal formed by aggregation of trans 1,2 bis(acylamino)cyclohexane containing a mesogenic moiety. Chem Lett 3:193 194. Kato T, Kutsuna T, Hanabusa K, Ukon M. 1998b. Gelation of room temperature liquid crystals by the association of a trans 1,2 bis(amino)cyclohexane derivative. Adv Mater 10:606 608. Kim DY, Tripathy SK, Li L, Kumar J. 1995. Laser induced holographic surface relief gratings on nonlinear optical polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 66:1166 1168. Leclair S, Mathew L, Giguere M, Motallebi S, Zhao Y. 2003. Photoinduced alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals using azobenzene polymer networks of chiral polyacrylates and polymethacrylates. Macromolecules 36:9024 9032. Moriyama M, Mizoshita N, Yokota T, Kishimoto K, Kato T. 2003. Photoresponsive anisotropic soft solids: liquid crystalline physical gels based on a chiral photochromic gelator. Adv Mater 15:1335 1338. Natansohn A, Rochon P. 2002. Photoinduced motions in azo containing polymers. Chem Rev 102:4139 4157. Pakula T, Saijo K, Hashimoto T. 1985a. Structural changes in polystyrene polybutadiene polystyrene block polymers caused by annealing in highly oriented state. Macromole cules 18:2037 2044. Pakula T, Saijo K, Kawai H, Hashimoto T. 1985b. Deformation behavior of styrene butadiene styrene triblock copolymer with cylindrical morphology. Macromolecules 18:1294 1302. Pham VP, Galstian T, Granger A, Lessard R. 1997. Novel azo dye doped poly(methyl methacrylate) lms as optical data storage media. Jpn J Appl Physt 36 (part 1B):429 438.
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Qi B, Yavrian A, Galstian T, Zhao Y. 2005. Liquid crystalline ionomers containing azobenzene mesogens: phase stability, photoinduced birefringence and holographic grating. Macromolecules 38:3079 3086. Rasmussen PH, Ramanujam PS, Hvilsted S, Berg RH. 1999. A remarkably ef cient azobenzene peptide for holographic information storage. J Am Chem Soc 121: 4738 4743. Rochon P, Batalla E, Natansohn A. 1995. Optically induced surface gratings on azoaro matic polymer lms. Appl Phys Lett 66:136 138. Scharf T, Fontannaz J, Bouvier M, Grupp J. 1999. An adaptive microlens formed by homeotropic aligned liquid crystal with positive dielectric anisotropy. Mol Cryst Liq Cryst 331:235 243. Subacius D, Bos PJ, Lavrentovich OD. 1997. Switchable diffractive cholesteric gratings. Appl Phys Lett 71:1350 1352. Sutherland RL, Tondiglia VP, Natarajan LV, Bunning TL, Adams WW. 1994. Electrically switchable volume gratings in polymer dispersed liquid crystals. Appl Phys Lett 64:1074 1076. Tong X, Zhao Y. 2003. Self assembled cholesteric liquid crystal gels for electro optical switching. J Mater Chem 13:1491 1495. Tong X, Wang G, Soldera A, Zhao Y. 2005a. How can azobenzene block copolymer vesicles be dissociated and reformed by light J Phys Chem B 109, 20281 20287. Tong X, Wang G, Yavrian A, Galstian T, Zhao Y. 2005b. Dual mode switching of diffraction gratings based on azobenzene polymer switched liquid crystals. Adv Mater 17:370 374. Urbas A, Tondiglia V, Natarajan L, Sutherland R, Yu H, Li JH, Bunning T. 2004a. Optically switchable liquid crystal photonic structures. J Am Chem Soc 126:13580 13581. Urbas A, Klosterman J, Tondiglia V, Natarajan L, Sutherland R, Tsutsumi O, Ikeda T, Bunning T. 2004b. Optically switchable Bragg re ectors. Adv Mater 16:1453 1456. Viswanathan NK, Kim DY, Bian S, Williams J, Liu W, Li L, Samuelson L, Kumar J, Tripathy SK. 1999. Surface relief structures on azo polymer lms. J Mater Chem 9:1941 1955. Yabuuchi K, Rowan AE, Nolte RJM, Kato T. 2000. Liquid crystalline physical gels: self aggregation of a gluconamide derivative in mesogenic molecules for the formation of anisotropic functional composites. Chem Mater 12:440 443. Yamamoto T, Ohashi A, Yoneyama S, Hasegawa M, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa A, Shiono T, Ikeda T. 2001. Phase type gratings formed by photochemical phase transition of polymer azobenzene liquid crystals: 2. Rapid switching of diffraction beams in thin lms. J Phys Chem B 105:2308 2313. Yoneyama S, Yamamoto T, Tsutsumi O, Kanazawa A, Shiono T, Ikeda T. 2002. High performance material for holographic gratings by means of a photoresponsive polymer liquid crystal containing a tolane moiety with high birefringence. Macromolecules 35:8751 8758. Zhang J, Sponsler MB. 1992. Switchable liquid crystalline photopolymer media for holography. J Am Chem Soc 114:1506 1507. Zhao Y. 1992. Structural changes upon annealing in a deformed styrene butadiene styrene triblock copolymer as revealed by infrared dichroism. Macromolecules 25:4705 4711.
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