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A schematic diagram illustrating the scheduling mechanism (HSDPA) in UMTS Rel 5. Interchannel operation of HSDPA scheduling. Principle of DS-CDMA spreading. Base station architecture of DS-CDMA/MISO transmitter with nT antennas. RAKE receiver processing of multiuser DS-CDMA/MISO systems. Illustration of OFDM symbol in the frequency domain. Time-domain windowing and its effect on the power spectral density of OFDM signals. Architecture of OFDM systems based on IDFT and DFT. Base station architecture of OFDMA/MISO systems with nT transmit antennas. Normalized network capacity (bps/Hz) of DS-CDMA/MISO systems. Normalized bit rate versus SNR and nf, nT = 3, K = 10, and Lp = 16. Performance comparison of OFDMA/MISO and DS-CDMA/MISO for K = 32, Lp = 16, and nT = 3. Mobile transmitter of the OFDMA system. Base station receiver of the OFDMA system. OFDMA timing offset requirement with respect to ISI. Generic optimization model of cross-layer scheduling. Generic feasible region of multiuser physical layer. Illustration of graph model quoted from Reference 148. The on/off channel model. A counterexample showing that water lling neither guarantees stability of the queue nor gives maximum throughput. The packet arrival process and the channel connectivity process have periodic structures with a period of four timeslots. (a) Packet arrivals for users 1 and 2; (b) channel connectivity pro le (white square means on state); (c) MTLB policy; (d) (pure water lling) maximal instantaneous throughput policy p ; (e) queue occupancy over time queue lengths for users U1 and U2 under (b1,b2) and under (b* , b* ). Under policy p, queue of user 1 2 U2 (b2) is building up over time. (Example extracted from Reference 69.) Illustration of capacity region and stability region for a two-user time-invariant channel. Illustration of capacity region for multiantenna base station nT = 2 with K = 2 using zero-forcing processing at the transmitter (note that the average of the convex hulls denotes the stability region).
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The average delay versus average arrival rate of multiantenna system with nT = 1,2,3, SNR = 10 dB, and K = 5. Equivalence of the cross-layer scheduling design and the stochastic control problem. Two-user Gaussian MAC capacity region C. Comparison between average packet delay and average arrival rate of various scheduling algorithms in a two-user MAC channel [145]. Routing mechanisms in the RICA protocol. Route updating induced by the breaking of a link. Illustration of the route updating mechanism based on the CSI checking packets. Illustration of the route updating mechanism based on the CSI checking packets with a slightly different broadcasting sequence. Average end-to-end delays of all protocols. Successful percentages of packet delivery of all protocols. Routing control overheads of all protocols. Performance of all protocols under various levels of offered load for cases with 50 devices and 10 source destination pairs. Performance of all protocols under various levels of offered load for cases with 100 devices and 20 source destination pairs. Route quality. Normalized performance improvements of RICA with respect to AODV.
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4.1. A list of the selected encoding rate and modulation level of the four transmission modes in a 2 2 MIMO system (SNR = 5 dB). Comparison of computational complexity (number of function evaluations) of greedy, genetic, and optimal algorithms. Physical layer parameters. Qualitative comparison of fairness notions. Channel states and error modes. Various data rates available in DS-DSCH of HSDPA using different modulation, channel coding, and multicode allocations. Numerical results for on/off channel modeling on underlying Rayleigh fading channel with g = 15 dB and fDTs = 0.003. Summary of protocol characteristics. Parameter values of AODV. Parameter values of DSDV. Parameter values of DSR. Parameter values of RICA.
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