IPsec Databases in .NET

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4.2.5 IPsec Databases
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Two main databases are defined by the security architecture specification [SECARC2401] provided by the IETF IPsec working group [IPSECWEB]:
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Security association database (SADB): IPsec SAs are maintained at this database. Each SA has an entry in this database. As mentioned earlier, the IP destination address of the outer IP header, the SPI, and the IPsec protocol identifier (ESP or AH) make up the triplet that is used to look up the SA within the SADB. Security policy database (SPD): When processing any inbound or outbound traffic, the receiving or sending entity needs to know which security policy applies to the traffic. SPD is where all the security policies, to be applied to data traffic, are stored as entries. The communicating entity consults the SPD to fetch the policy regarding the traffic. When the security policy is to apply IPsec, the specific SAs, that show the details of the security protection to be applied, must be located. Since the SAs are directional, the SPD needs to support separate entries for inbound and outbound traffic. Also, as mentioned earlier, a communication link may be protected by more than one SA, and this means, a security policy entry may return one or multiple SAs. For those reasons, SPD contains an ordered list of policies. The lookup in the SPD is performed by using selectors. The selector is formed on the basis of IP source address, IP destination address, name (for user or system), protocol (can be used when not encrypted), and transport ports.
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Note that the SPD does not include specific information on how the security is implemented. That information is included in the SAs that are stored in SADB. When there are SAs in place, the SPD needs to return an SPI for SA to allow the processing entity to perform yet another lookup at the SADB as described in the following.
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4.2.6 IPsec Processing
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IPsec distinguishes between the ways in which inbound and outbound processing of packets are handled.
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data matrix 2d barcode size with c#.net Outbound Processing On processing packets that are going out (outbound), the transport layer at the sender sends the packet down to the IP layer, which in turn consults the SPD to determine what security policy applies to the packet. As mentioned earlier, in order to perform a lookup in the SPD, the processor needs to build a selector from the information included in the transport and IP layer headers. Based on the selector, the policy is retrieved from the SPD. The IP layer will drop the packet or add the IP header to the transport packet, if the policy dictates a drop or a bypass without security protection.
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Internet Security and Key Exchange Basics
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If on the other hand, the security policy that is fetched dictates an IPsec processing, a pointer (SPI) to the SA should be returned through the SPD lookup. If no SAs are returned, it may mean that no SAs are established and an IKE may have to be invoked to create the necessary associations. We will explain IKE process in detail later on. When the policy dictates IPsec processing, no packets can be transmitted until the SAs are established. After the SAs are established, it processes the packet by adding the appropriate AH and ESP headers, as was shown earlier.
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generate, create linear barcode none in .net projects Inbound Processing On the receipt of an incoming IP packet (inbound traffic), the IP layer processing first needs to compare the provided security protection for the packet against those required by the security policies. If the packet contains an IPsec header, first the IPsec processing is performed. The receiver extracts the SPI from the included IPsec header and simply builds the triplet of SPI, IP destination address, and protocol to identify the IPsec SA in the SADB. The processor then processes the payload according to the protocol (AH and/or ESP) that is specified. Once the processing is complete, the selector for lookup in SPD is built and the SPD is consulted to fetch the policy that should have been applied to the packet. The policy would also indicate whether the SA that was used was the correct one. If on the other hand, the packet does not contain any IPsec headers, the fields for building the selector for SPD lookup has to be extracted from the packet IP and transport headers. Once the selector is built and the security policy is fetched, the receiver will know whether it needs to drop the packet (discard policy) or pass the packet to the transport layer (bypass policy). Note that if the policy was to apply IPsec, the packet is still dropped since no IPsec protection was added to the packet.
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