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accounting, compared to authentication, has received far less attention in the research and standards community due to its operator-specific nature. Due to the enormous amount of research done on authentication, we devote 2 entirely to authentication concepts and mechanisms and also provide a rather unique classification (from IAB) of authentication mechanisms in that chapter. We will come back to the topic of authentication and describe more sophisticated EAP-based authentications in 10, but after 2, we go through the concepts of key management in 3 to lay the groundwork for most of the security and key management discussions in 4 and the rest of the book. 4 discusses IPsec and TLS briefly, but provides a thorough discussion on IKE as an important example of a key management and security association negotiation protocol. As mentioned earlier, the aim of that chapter is not to describe IPsec or TLS thoroughly. Both these protocols are provided for completeness and to provide the background for the later discussion of security topics. 5 discusses mobility protocols for IP networks. It describes basic Mobile IP procedures and quickly goes through the latest complementary work in IETF, such as bootstrapping. This chapter also describes two IETF seamless mobility protocols, context transfer and candidate access router discovery, which may be required to achieve seamless handovers. This chapter also describes the security procedures for Mobile IPv4 and lays the groundwork for Mobile IP-AAA discussions in 8. s 6 and 7 describe the two most important AAA protocols, namely RADIUS and Diameter and their applications for authentication and accounting. Many of the specifications that are considered work in progress in IETF are covered here. 8 finally covers the topic discussed in the IETF joke we mentioned earlier: Mobile IP-AAA signaling to provide authentication and key management for Mobile IP signaling. 9 goes on to provide a description of public key infrastructures (PKI) and the issues and concerns with management of PKIs, certificates and their revocation. 10 describes the EAP authentication framework, EAP signaling transport and the structure for a generic EAP-XXX mechanism. It also provides overviews of a variety of EAP authentication methods, such as EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-SIM, and so on. Finally, 11 makes a humble attempt at describing the overall problem of AAA and identity management in a multi-operator environment and discusses various architectural models to tackle the problem. This chapter also provides an overview of the Liberty Alliance. We wish the readers a joyful read.
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Finally, it is the time to give acknowledgement to the people who have provided help, encouragement and support. First, we would like to thank Mike Needham of Motorola Labs for showing enormous enthusiasm and full confidence when we broached the idea of writing a book at a time when we were not fully confident ourselves that this was a task we could tackle. We would like to specially thank Dorsa Mirazandjani for acting as our test audience, reading and providing comments and corrections on many chapters of this book, despite her busy work and graduate school schedule. We would also like to thank Jeff Kraus for taking the time and reading through 8 and providing technical and editorial feedback. A special thanks you goes to Mana Mirazanjani for the first draft of the beautiful cover design. Another very special thank you goes to Charlie Perkins who despite his very busy schedule took the time and wrote a generous foreword for this book. We would like to thank the IETF for
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providing open standards and specifications, without which the material for this book would have been very hard to find. We would also like to thank the Liberty Alliance for accommodations they made in the process of writing 11. Finally, we want to thank the John Wiley publishing team, especially Birgit Gruber and Joanna Tootill for their kindness, patience, encouragement and support throughout the project.
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