AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access in .NET

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AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access
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a failure may lead to potentially large business and litigation disputes. The brokerage service and its communications with other partners must be designed with proper fail-over and survivability mechanisms. Not a lot of standardization has taken place to facilitate the functions described above.
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At this point in time, billing and authorization are sensitive issues, since they have a direct impact on operator revenue. This means the user is still associated with a home operator, which defines the user s service and authorization profile and handles the user s bills. It is, however, more acceptable to outsource some of the security functions such as certificate issuance to external PKI vendors acting as brokers. We still believe that the brokered model has a good chance of appearing in future converged networks.
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11.1.5 Billing and Trust Management through an Alliance Due to the sensitivity of some of issues raised for the brokered model, a more viable model for co-existence may be one based on an alliance. The alliance is built based on a community of trusted parties. As long as each new member fulfills certain obligations and performs a set of initial functions, the new member can be trusted. The trust model within an alliance can be formed in several different ways:
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The new member may build a trust relationship with every member of the alliance through mutual authentications and key exchanges. This is very cumbersome in a large alliance and suffers from the same scalability issues as the bilateral model does. The new member may build a trust relationship with a few members initially or on as-needed basis (e.g. based on users services requests). This is a more scalable model. However, the problem is that some trust relationships have to be built in real time. For scenarios such as those involving high-mobility users, signaling delay is a major concern and service performance can suffer. The new member may build a trust relationship with a few members and use the trust relationship between those members and their partners in alliance to broaden its reach. In this case, the trust between the new member and the secondary set of partners is only transitive, i.e. based on the trust between the member s immediate partners and their partners. Transitive trust has its own obvious problems, as we will discuss later on.
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From the service point of view, the service models can be different too:
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One case would be that some members provide only network access services, while others provide application services and a third group deals with brokerage services. In the most general case, various members of the alliance may perform a variety of functions. For instance, one member may only provide an access network with a particular technology along with some identity translation functions, while another member provides a number of application-related services (such as gaming) and deals with the authorization issues.
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The upside of building alliances with distributed responsibilities for services is that the problem of the single point of trust and the single point of failure is avoided.
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AAA and Identity Management for Mobile Access
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In the interest of not repeating ourselves, we will go through a short description of Liberty Alliance as an example of the alliance model next and during that discussion provide more details on pros and cons of the alliance-based model. We believe that in the long run, the billing and trust model based on a bilateral model will not prevail due to scalability and administration issues. We also believe that the brokerage model will only be viable if it is provided by an unbiased and well-trusted source. Furthermore, it will have business and trust implications, unless it is supported by fail-over mechanisms. The viability of the model based on the alliance will depend on how the trust and business relationships between the individual members are realized. Ultimately, an alliance deploying multiple specialized brokerage services may be the organic survivor of all the models.
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