Windows Fundamentals in .NET

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Windows Fundamentals
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dynamic linking the program must manually load the right module in runtime and find the right function to call by searching through the target executable s headers. Runtime linking is more flexible, but is also more difficult to implement from the programmer s perspective. From a reversing standpoint, static linking is easier to deal with because it openly exposes which functions are called from which modules.
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A PE file starts with the good old DOS header. This is a common backwardcompatible design that ensures that attempts to execute PE files on DOS systems will fail gracefully. In this case failing gracefully means that you ll just get the well-known This program cannot be run in DOS mode message. It goes without saying that no PE executable will actually run on DOS this message is as far as they ll go. In order to implement this message, each PE executable essentially contains a little 16-bit DOS program that displays it. The most important field in the DOS header (which is defined in the IMAGE_DOS_HEADER structure) is the e_lfanew member, which points to the real PE header. This is an extension to the DOS header DOS never reads it. The new header is essentially the real PE header, and is defined as follows.
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This data structure references two data structures which contain the actual PE header. They are:
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typedef struct _IMAGE_FILE_HEADER { WORD Machine; WORD NumberOfSections; DWORD TimeDateStamp; DWORD PointerToSymbolTable; DWORD NumberOfSymbols; WORD SizeOfOptionalHeader; WORD Characteristics; } IMAGE_FILE_HEADER, *PIMAGE_FILE_HEADER; typedef struct _IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER { // Standard fields. WORD Magic; BYTE MajorLinkerVersion; BYTE MinorLinkerVersion; DWORD SizeOfCode;
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DWORD DWORD DWORD DWORD DWORD SizeOfInitializedData; SizeOfUninitializedData; AddressOfEntryPoint; BaseOfCode; BaseOfData;
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// NT additional fields. DWORD ImageBase; DWORD SectionAlignment; DWORD FileAlignment; WORD MajorOperatingSystemVersion; WORD MinorOperatingSystemVersion; WORD MajorImageVersion; WORD MinorImageVersion; WORD MajorSubsystemVersion; WORD MinorSubsystemVersion; DWORD Win32VersionValue; DWORD SizeOfImage; DWORD SizeOfHeaders; DWORD CheckSum; WORD Subsystem; WORD DllCharacteristics; DWORD SizeOfStackReserve; DWORD SizeOfStackCommit; DWORD SizeOfHeapReserve; DWORD SizeOfHeapCommit; DWORD LoaderFlags; DWORD NumberOfRvaAndSizes; IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY DataDirectory[IMAGE_NUMBEROF_DIRECTORY_ENTRIES]; } IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER32, *PIMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER32;
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All of these headers are defined in the Microsoft Platform SDK in the WinNT.H header file. Most of these fields are self explanatory, but several notes are in order. First of all, it goes without saying that all pointers within these headers (such as AddressOfEntryPoint or BaseOfCode) are RVAs and not actual pointers. Additionally, it should be noted that most of the interesting contents in a PE header actually resides in the DataDirectory, which is an array of additional data structures that are stored inside the PE header. The beauty of this layout is that an executable doesn t have to have every entry, only the ones it requires. For more information on the individual directories refer to the section on directories later in this chapter.
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Windows Fundamentals
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Imports and Exports
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Imports and exports are the mechanisms that enable the dynamic linking process of executables described earlier. Consider an executable that references functions in other executables while it is being compiled and linked. The compiler and linker have no idea of the actual addresses of the imported functions. It is only in runtime that these addresses will be known. To solve this problem, the linker creates a special import table that lists all the functions imported by the current module by their names. The import table contains a list of modules that the module uses and the list of functions called within each of those modules. When the module is loaded, the loader loads every module listed in the import table, and goes to find the address of each of the functions listed in each module. The addresses are found by going over the exporting module s export table, which contains the names and RVAs of every exported function. When the importing module needs to call into an imported function, the calling code typically looks like this:
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call [SomeAddress]
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Where SomeAddress is a pointer into the executable import address table (IAT). When the modue is linked the IAT is nothing but an list of empty values, but when the module is loaded, the linker resolves each entry in the IAT to point to the actual function in the exporting module. This way when the calling code is executed, SomeAddress will point to the actual address of the imported function. Figure 3.4 illustrates this process on three executables: ImportingModule.EXE, SomeModule.DLL, and AnotherModule.DLL.
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