Understanding Compiled Arithmetic in .NET

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Understanding Compiled Arithmetic
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significant bits are set to zero regardless of the source operand s value. This usually indicates that the source operand is unsigned. MOVZX supports conversion from 8-bit to 16-bit or 32-bit operands or from 16-bit operands into 32bit operands.
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Sign Extending
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Sign extending takes place when a program is casting a signed integer into a larger signed integer. Because negative integers are represented using the two s complement notation, to enlarge a signed integer one must set all upper bits for negative integers or clear them all if the integer is positive.
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To 32 Bits
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MOVSX is equivalent to MOVZX, except that instead of zero extending it performs sign extending when enlarging the integer. The instruction can be used when converting an 8-bit operand to 16 bits or 32 bits or a 16-bit operand into 32 bits.
To 64 Bits
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The CDQ instruction is used for converting a signed 32-bit integer in EAX to a 64-bit sign-extended integer in EDX:EAX. In many cases, the presence of this instruction can be considered as proof that the value stored in EAX is a signed integer and that the following code will treat EDX and EAX together as a signed 64-bit integer, where EDX contains the most significant 32 bits and EAX contains the least significant 32 bits. Similarly, when EDX is set to zero right before an instruction that uses EDX and EAX together as a 64-bit value, you know for a fact that EAX contains an unsigned integer.
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Deciphering Program Data
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It would be safe to say that any properly designed program is designed around data. What kind of data must the program manage What would be the most accurate and efficient representation of that data within the program These are really the most basic questions that any skilled software designer or developer must ask. The same goes for reversing. To truly understand a program, reversers must understand its data. Once the general layout and purpose of the program s key data structures are understood, specific code area of interest will be relatively easy to decipher. This appendix covers a variety of topics related to low-level data management in a program. I start out by describing the stack and how it is used by programs and proceed to a discussion of the most basic data constructs used in programs, such as variables, and so on. The next section deals with how data is laid out in memory and describes (from a low-level perspective) common data constructs such as arrays and other types of lists. Finally, I demonstrate how classes are implemented in low-level and how they can be identified while reversing.
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Appendix C
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The Stack
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The stack is basically a continuous chunk of memory that is organized into virtual layers by each procedure running in the system. Memory within the stack is used for the lifetime duration of a function and is freed (and can be reused) once that function returns. The following sections demonstrate how stacks are arranged and describe the various calling conventions which govern the basic layout of the stack.
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Stack Frames
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A stack frame is the area in the stack allocated for use by the currently running function. This is where the parameters passed to the function are stored, along with the return address (to which the function must jump once it completes), and the internal storage used by the function (these are the local variables the function stores on the stack). The specific layout used within the stack frame is critical to a function because it affects how the function accesses the parameters passed to it and it function stores its internal data (such as local variables). Most functions start with a prologue that sets up a stack frame for the function to work with. The idea is to allow quick-and-easy access to both the parameter area and the local variable area by keeping a pointer that resides between the two. This pointer is usually stored in an auxiliary register (usually EBP), while ESP (which is the primary stack pointer) remains available for maintaining the current stack position. The current stack position is important in case the function needs to call another function. In such a case the region below the current position of ESP will be used for creating a new stack frame that will be used by the callee. Figure C.1 demonstrates the general layout of the stack and how a stack frame is laid out.
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