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Source: Balanced Scorecard Step by Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results (2nd edition) by Paul R. Niven
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T h e I n c r e a s i n g Va l u e o f I n t a n g i b l e A s s e t s i n O r g a n i z a t i o n s
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chapter 5
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it performance management
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General Ledger. However, the new economy with its premium on intangible value-creating mechanisms demands more from our performance measurement systems. Today s system must have the capabilities to identify, describe, monitor, and fully harness the intangible assets driving organizational success. The Balanced Scorecard provides a voice of strength and clarity to intangible assets, allowing organizations to benefit fully from their astronomical potential. The Strategy Story Could there possibly exist a more passionately discussed and debated subject on the business landscape than strategy While military strategy has been with us for millennia and continues to influence our thinking witness the ever-popular Art of War by Sun Tzu business strategy is a relatively new phenomenon with its greatest contributions arriving in the twentieth century. Despite its brief tenure the topic has spawned hundreds of books, thousands of scholarly articles, and countless gurus each espousing their version of the Holy Grail of strategy. Strategy is not a subject that can be unraveled by its academic and practical threads to reveal the one right method or version of the truth. Every reader of this book, if appropriately prodded, could undoubtedly produce a coherent and cogent definition of strategy. Ultimately we all cherish that spirit of discovery and rightly applaud our diversity of ideas, but practically speaking, it makes the study of strategy a frustrating one. Fortunately for all of us the one thing that pundits from every strategy corner do agree on is the fact that strategy execution or implementation is far more important than strategy formation. I have had the opportunity to sit in on a number of strategy setting workshops and have always relished the spirited debates, the aha moments of breathtaking clarity. The freshly minted strategy emerging from these often grueling sessions is a justifiably pride-invoking achievement; however, it is a far cry from producing the strategic document to actually living and breathing it day in and day out. To succeed in any business today that is precisely what we must do bring the strategy to life with the unmistakable clarity necessary for everyone in the organization to act on it each and every day. Eighty-four percent of respondents in one recent poll said that competition in their industry had significantly
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the balanced scorecard s rise to prominence
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increased in the last five years.14 Let s face it we have to execute not only to thrive but to simply stay alive in today s business world. The good news is that strategy implementation has been proven to boost financial fortunes rather significantly one study suggested a 35 percent improvement in the quality of strategy implementation for the average firm was associated with a 30 percent improvement in shareholder value.15 Unfortunately, many organizations fall off the strategy execution track, frequently in dramatic fashion. So why does strategy execution prove so elusive for the typical enterprise Scorecard architects Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton believe the answer lies in the form of four barriers that must be surmounted before strategy can be effectively executed (see Exhibit 5.2).
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The Vision Barrier The vast majority of employees do not understand the organization s strategy. This situation sufficed at the turn of the twentieth century when value was derived from the most efficient use of physical assets, and employees were literally cogs in the great industrial wheel. However, in the information or knowledge age in which we currently exist, value is created from the intangible assets the know-how, relationships, databases of rich information, and cultures existing within the organization. Sadly, the news is no better at the department level. In one recent study 52 percent of IT and business executives said IT s strategic plan is only somewhat understood or not understood at all across the company.16 Put simply, it is difficult to expect employees, already struggling under the burdens of a Mount Everest-sized pile of priorities, to act in concert with your strategy if they don t understand it. The People Barrier In its 2005 Reward Programs and Incentive Compensation Survey , the Society for Human Resource Management found that 69 percent of companies offer some form of incentive compensation to their employees.17 Like most people, I m a fan of incentive plans because of the focus and alignment they can drive toward the achievement of a mutually beneficial goal. However, companies take many liberties when constructing these plans, and often the designs leave something to be desired. For example, it is not at all uncommon for incentive plans to link a cash award with the achievement of a short-term financial target such as quarterly earnings. In fact, in our meet the numbers or else culture this evil twin of the effective compensation plan springs up frequently in
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