relationship of it strategy to enterprise strategy in Visual Studio .NET

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relationship of it strategy to enterprise strategy
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if it could be done, would dramatically change the way we do business Look for ways to use systems to change the business landscape, to give the enterprise a significant competitive advantage by doing something new and different. Systems can be used to open up opportunities to either increase revenue or decrease costs. Systems can increase revenue by: Creating new distribution channels Erecting barriers to entry by competitors Reducing customers ability to substitute another product for your product Helping the company anticipate and respond quickly to market demands Systems can decrease costs by: Improving product quality Increasing production rates Decreasing production and operating costs The ways in which systems accomplish these opportunities will either create structural change in the way an industry operates, or it will support and enhance traditional industry products and procedures. Great competitive advantages can be gained if ways are found to create structural change in an industry. This is what changes the business landscape; it is said that all you need to do is to be 10 percent new in any field to start a fortune. Companies that create structural change become leaders in their industries. Remember, a system is always people, process, and technology not just technology. Define and design the process first, and then put the people and technology into place to support it. At the same time, keep in mind the capabilities of the people and technology available, and design a process that is realistic given those capabilities. In other words, adjust your ends to your means. Good strategy starts with a clear understanding of what is possible. One last point to remember about strategic IT projects is this: The executive sponsors on the business side need to remain actively involved with the project in an oversight and advisory role throughout the project s life cycle. If no senior managers take an interest in this role, then either the goals that the IT strategy addresses are not really that important to the
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chapter 1
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harnessing it to drive enterprise strategy
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a framework for clear thinking Before we go further let s define our terms. What exactly do we mean when we say strategy especially in the context of the CIO s two main responsibilities Strategy, tactics, goals, objectives, missions, and milestones we often toss these words about in various vague, undisciplined, and confusing combinations. Most of the time terms such as goals and objectives or strategies and tactics are used interchangeably. The precise meaning of the words gets lost and so the clarity of thinking that these words can support is also lost. If we hope to gain any real value from these words then we owe it to ourselves to be very precise and clear in the way we use them with both our executive peers and our staff members. Otherwise, they become trite phrases, macho imagery, or smokescreens for incompetence.
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business vision This is a statement of the company s purpose, why it exists, what it aspires to. The business vision of the company is articulated by a set of goals that define what the company will strive for and where the company will invest its resources. goal (or mission) A goal is a qualitative statement that describes a state of affairs or an accomplishment necessary for the business to become what it wants to become (the business vision). An example of a goal is, Excel at customer service to strengthen and grow the national accounts sales program. Another example would be, Develop an e-business infrastructure to capitalize quickly on market trends. strategy Strategy can be defined as simply, the deliberate application of means to achieve business vision and goal-related ends . Strategy is the art of using the means business capabilities available to a company to achieve its ends its business goals. The degree to which a strategy is effective depends on a clear understanding of what is possible. The purpose of strategy is to maximize possibilities for success by effective use of the means available to an organization. Strategies are used to coordinate the accomplishment of goals or missions. objective (or milestone) Unlike the business vision or a goal, an objective must be quantitative it is a specific, measurable achievement necessary to accomplish a goal. The strategy that a business uses to accomplish a goal defines the objectives that must be achieved along the way. Objectives are the specific, measurable milestones that must be reached to accomplish a goal or mission. Objectives must be measurable; progress,
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