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Fill in these columns with detailed information you receive from the responses to the issued RFI. To ensure appropriate analyses of this information, weight the values in each of the columns according to your enterprise priorities. Weight each value by analysis of the importance of each of the evaluation criteria relative to one another using one of two approaches for weighting factor scales: relative or absolute. Relative scales emphasize the importance of each evaluation criterion as being the same or higher or lower than the other criteria. One of the criteria is determined to be highest, lowest, or middle and the remaining criteria are comparatively evaluated and placed in relation to the middle or ends. With relative scales, more than one criterion can have the same weighting. Absolute scales emphasize the importance of each evaluation criterion regardless of the importance of the other criteria. Although it is possible for more than one or two criteria to have the same weighting value, the old saying still applies, If they are all the highest weighting factor then they are all the lowest weighting factor, too. The document portion of the RFI can be as straightforward as an e-mail used to transmit the spreadsheet and the schedule expectations as described in the RFI letter. Appendix 7.A shows the format of a Request for Information. Sending the RFI letter to potential outsourcing partners usually yields a 75 percent return rate. After the teleconference, about 50 percent move on to the face-to-face visit stage. Following the face-to-face meetings, the field usually narrows another 25 percent. So, if 12 16 entered the race, the field drops to 3 4 contestants for an on-site visit, but it all starts with the survey. Review and Select the Best RFI Responses In the next step for selecting the best outsourcee, the CIO reviews the RFI submissions and decides which potential partners will be invited to present their proposals in person for more detailed discussions based on the responses. This decision should correspond to the results of the weighted analyses with the additional stipulation that if any of the critical requirements regarding skills, experience, or availability score very low, the CIO automatically removes the candidate company from the going-forward list. Those who have made the going-forward list should be notified through an e-mail or letter (see Appendix 7.B).
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chapter 7
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consider the outsource
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After finalizing the date, conduct the meeting within one week to ensure timely analyses with the information fresh in mind. A sample agenda for those invited to present in-person appears in Appendix 7.C. The length of meeting depends on the level of detail required for the discussions; however, a good rule of thumb limits the meetings to 90 120 minutes forcing a focus on their roles and yours. It is very important for the outsourcer s people who will be based in your enterprise with whom you will deal on a regular basis attend in-person. This allows you to begin to develop the necessary face-to-face relationships and take the measure of the person . Your review of the findings from the in-person meetings usually results in three to four stand-out potential partners: the ones you will contact and take to the next phase, the Request for Proposal. Promptly notify those outsourcee representatives who did not make it to the short list and give them the reasons why they did not make the cut. This is important feedback to them, and it leaves an opening for them to participate in a future RFI. Also promptly notify representatives from potential outsourcee companies who did make the short list that they will soon receive an RFP with a schedule for the RFP process. Request for Proposal Candidates selected to receive the RFP show a high level of interest in the project(s) and as far as can be determined possess skilled and experienced people available to work on the project. Issue the RFP by e-mail or letter with the invitation and the required schedule. Additionally, this communiqu should introduce the expected in-person visit dates. An example e-mail or letter with timeline expectations for each of the finalists is provided in Appendix 7.D. The contents of an example RFP are outlined in Appendix 7.E. Effective RFPs are carefully constructed to state the goal(s) and scope of what is to be done, to identify the skills believed to be required, contract information requirements, and specifications of the work to be done, qualifications of the key people who need to be involved, pricing and evaluation criteria, and more general information such as deadlines, intellectual property rights, publicity, and contact information. Unless you explicitly declare otherwise, your enterprise will be expected
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