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the whys of outsourcing
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Changes in project scope or requirements or designs are costs incurred when an enterprise alters course, learns that something was forgotten, or fails to fully consider and account for the important variables. Work-in-progress costs are much like additional charges incurred building a new house when the homeowner decides to change the design or change some appliance after work has started. Work-inprogress changes generate a change order or work order that nearly always result in additional charges. Experience shows that no amount of careful planning can predict all work-in-progress costs, therefore build a contingency plan (or contingency budget) to account for them. The old saying still applies: cost, performance (schedule), and quality choose any two. While any number of these cost factors may be present in situations where an enterprise is not outsourcing, it is easy to forget about invisible, in-house work assumptions that may end up being a realized expense when outsourcing and costs becomes total cost. Nevertheless, additional outsourcing benefits complement carefully planned cost management. Access to Key Skills From an outsourcer s point of view, access to key skills may seem like a weak motive in the initial wave of outsourcing considerations, but it has actually been one of the strongest motivators for many of the U.S.-based multinationals for years. IBM has reaped the advantages of this outsourcing resource for years. IBM has had major research and development laboratories in the major industrial countries for decades not because these sites were the best price performers but because they possessed critical world-class talent that provided significant contributions to IBM s products, revenues, and profits. These outsourcing sites provided bases from which IBM could conduct business in the site countries. Brilliantly, IBM places native citizens in senior management roles of these sites, staffs these sites with native citizens, and cycles through U.S.based managers and individual contributors on temporary assignments to help cross-pollinate company and country cultural understanding. All IBM sites emphasize an IBM culture base, yet each site has its own unique blended culture that combines IBM culture, the site country s culture, and the site s individual local culture. But make no mistake, when people
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chapter 7
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consider the outsource
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walk into any IBM facility they walk into IBM itself, and the employees call themselves IBMers. Emerging countries now bring a significant number of talented and skilled resources. Dr. Rick Rashid, Vice President and Head of Microsoft Research, has first-hand experience with this trend. He is responsible for defining, creating, and staffing the heads of Microsoft s research laboratories worldwide. Dr. Rashid has explicitly focused on culture as an important element of attracting and retaining the key skills Microsoft Research needs while ensuring the Microsoft corporate culture is not lost.
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There are cultural differences, but the dominant culture in each of the labs is MSR [MicroSoft Research] culture. Senior people typically trained in the US or Europe already and may have worked in Redmond so they already bring that perspective. For the younger people, a lot of our training focus is to bring them into the western research culture. We do language courses where needed, help teach research and writing skills, and our managers model behavior. Obviously there are still some cultural differences, but they mostly give a cultural tint to the labs rather than provide the dominant theme.13
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John Valente s approach with Accenture for Best Buy also stresses the importance of melding local and company culture. And, for understanding other cultures, John highly recommends the book Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands.14 Culturally sensitive approaches are also important to the outsourcee s employees, or in the case of wholly-owned subsidiaries, to the company subsidiary s employees. It gives them both a local identity and a corporate identity and becomes the context in which their endeavors contribute to overall company success. From the outsourcee s point of view, the outsourcer s skills access dilemma is a business opportunity. Successful outsourcees must supply access to the skills required by the outsourcer at the right time and the right place. This usually means that the requisite skills need to already be on-board in the outsourcee company. For boutique outsourcee companies, this generally means moving from project to project (singly or in small numbers) and careful planning to avoid resource conflicts due to unscheduled overlapping of projects. Larger outsourcing companies manage a balance of their resources to a higher number of employees and skills mix than their least demanding activity, and optimally, just high enough to meet the requirements of their
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