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Getting Response Triggering Action
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content. So, someone watches a video on YouTube and posts a comment saying I love the video, I hate the video. Wasn t that silly. Wasn t that funny. What have you.
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I started out in sales. The only reason for marketing was to get me in front of a prospective client. The lead was the thing, the only thing. Today, all the social media in the galaxy with all the lovely comments in the universe does nothing if it does not drive traf c to your web site, your telephone, or the store. I want clicks to my web site! It s good that you have a way to see if there are storm clouds on the horizon, but what you really want to know is whether all this socializing is having an impact on the metrics that are components of my key business performance indicators. Let s try that again: Is it driving business Tracking the actions that result from all your blogging, tweeting, and YouTubing is where the money is. So we start at the very rst reaction beyond talking about you even more did they click Or to quote Woody Allen, Ninety percent of life is just showing up. Avinash Kaushik coined Average Shared Links ClickThrough Rate (CTR) which he admits is a tedious name, but it is accurate. Web visits might be the easiest thing to measure, given the plethora of marketing measurement tools from Omniture, Webtrends, and Coremetrics along with the free web analytics tools from Google and Yahoo!. At the start, tracking a web site visitor back where they last were on the Web is straight forward. This one came from a Google search, that one from a press release, and the next from a banner ad. Social media is not as transparent and that s where coding your URLs is necessary and
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Social Media Metrics
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Figure 5.4 Which shortened URLs are getting traf c and how
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where sites like and are crucial. Those, like Twitclicks, Tweetburner, and shorten long URLs and then track the number of clicks they redirected on your behalf. For example, there are two shortened URLs in Figure 5.4, one for a contest and one for a blog posting. While the shortened URL in the tweet linking to the blog post got more direct clicks than the contest link, the contest link was spread around more. The 116 clicks that came from my tweet represent less than half of my traf c. This suggests there are signi cant differences between what s interesting and what s really interesting. For messages you send out yourself, you can embed a tracking code in the URL. Add a question mark at the end of the link, followed by a unique code that identi es the campaign, and that code shows up in your web analytics reports. The link shorteners make it all the easier, as they will retain that code.
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Getting Response Triggering Action
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If you do not use a link shortener that includes metrics, traf c from tweeters who link to your site directly are likely to show up in your web analytics reports as either being from Twitter with no indication of who s tweeted, or they look like a direct visit where somebody typed in your domain name and page location directly. You can track clicks to your web site back to the blogs that posted the links . . . unless they too have been using link shorteners. Then you ll need to hire a coder to help cobble together the variety of APIs and data streams. But what if the connection between the posted, hosted, or tweeted mention of your product was one step further removed What if there were no link at all Problems like this are the food, wine, and dessert for small, agile technology companies. Tealium (www.tealium. com) has come up with an intriguing approach that can shed a lot of light. They scour the Web for mentions of your company and then tell you whether an individual visitor has seen your name mentioned elsewhere even if that visitor did not click on that link at that time or there was no link. In order words, Tealium can tell you if one mention of your company is enough to drive traf c or if a person needs to come across a mention of your rm several times before they nally click. In advertising, this is known as view through. It s not limited to just brand names, either. Here s how Tealium explains it: Tealium s clients identify the keywords for which they want to monitor inclusions in news articles, blogs, as well as online video sites such as YouTube. Usually, the identi ed keywords are the company s name, web site address, ticker symbol, product
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