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ditions as you walk so that we can gure out how to make your HDTV display work. The user walks around the lanai. The ZB remote control says, Please stop. This is a good place to put your HDTV for wireless network reception. Could you place the HDTV here or close by The user says something audible but unintelligible. ZB replies, Sorry. If you continue to walk around, we can probably nd some other places where the HDTV will work. Would you like to do that User says OK. ZB says, How about here User says, OK and moves the HDTV, which works in this particular location. ZB says, Where is the HDTV and the user says, The lanai. Meanwhile it has reallocated processing resources to enable a pseudo-MIMO mode. ZB tells the homeowner, Your system will work now, but you can t use the high performance mode of your video games at the same time as watching HDTV. If you would like to do both at once, then purchase the MIMO antenna to play interactive games through the HDTV. Alternatively, you could move the set top box and HDTV much closer together so I don t have to work so hard to reach the HDTV from the set top box. User says something unintelligible again, but the <Topic/> is Finally, which it interprets to be positive.
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Implementing the Use Case: The use case needs a very strong ASR dialog manager as well as calibrated RSSI in a handheld client. Its SKOs for suburban neighborhood must include features of local construction, and this would be expensive to knowledge engineer, so the CWN uploads data from building permits databases from the county seat. It then <Topic/> spots with <Histogram/> to identify features of the buildings that cause problems with RF and downloads the resulting KOs to the point of sale terminals in that <Locale/>. Its dialog planner should classify utterances as male, female, infant, child, and adolescent, with 20% or less confusion matrix per utterance to adopt its dialog to the <Scene/>. The iCR could detect television speech by correlating the speech background of the room with the audio of the TV channel in use. The cross-correlation characterizes the impulse response of the room, enabling ZB to suppress the TV broadcast from the room acoustics to enhance ASR quality. Finally, the dialog manager switches among standard, careful, and quick modes of interaction depending on the features of the <Scene/>.
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The VCR should set its own bloody date and time, I m too busy. ZB was a success in the marketplace, so Zeus launches the Cognitive Home Entertainment Radio In the Smart Home (CHERISH). CHERISH goes beyond ZB to manage all home, travel, and of ce wireless connectivity and information access, driven by QoI.
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1. Entertainment: CHERISH plays CDs, DVDs, and so on. When asked to keep us up to date on the weather, it collects weather broadcasts into a personal weather-radar web site viewable on the home TV. The user no longer must tune to Bay News 99 for the latest weather radar since CHERISH updates the home TV weather web site from all available feeds automatically. 2. Wearable Awareness: The CHERISH Wearable Wireless (W2) PDA ts every member of the household, including the infant and the dog. Parents know the location and health of all family members at all times. If a W2 detects a threatening condition, like a child approaching a street, it warns the wearer and advises the parent autonomously. W2 also respects privacy, turning off video during private moments. 3. Location Alerting: The dog s CPDA records audio, video, and location, alerting the owner to threatening situations. Theft of the beloved family pooch is met with digital snapshots of the perpetrator and GPS location of the dog so that the police can rescue the dog and pick up the perpetrators. 4. Range Extension: CHERISH-in-the-Car extends the range of W2s via car radios. 5. Wireless-for-Free: CHERISH uses WLANs in the car, at home, and at the of ce, avoiding expenses of cellular networks when possible.
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CHERISH reduces tedium and ampli es the fun. When the family decides to take vacation next month, CHERISH at home tells CHERISH at work avoiding the tedium of synchronizing calendars. Each wearable CHERISH may be manufactured by a different supplier since they all use OWL and RXML to normalize semantics. The home client submits a Vacation Request to the employer with the necessary details reducing the paperwork burden. CHERISH also knows about entertainment and travel. It nds interesting things to do, interesting places to go, and interesting information about almost any place in and out of the network. When users talk about a place, CHERISH detects it as a <Topic/>, looks it up on the Web, and proactively displays information instantly when asked for high QoI. It suppresses Web pop-ups and TV commercials, obtaining needed information without the advertising, refreshing personal yellow pages from the pop-ups. When and if the user wants to know about special events or prices, it already has the latest information. Consider Lenny, the W2 PDA, and Charlie, Lenny s owner. Charlie should get information services without reading the user s manual even once. This is hard. It costs less to put the burden of using a complicated system on the user. The product gets to market quicker and with more features. Only the most honest users admit defeat at the hands of the VCR.
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