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A cognitive assistant should focus on the following wireless (not of ce) tasks: 1. Perform wireless access tasks described at the <Information/> level of abstraction, such as Keep track of the weather or What s the weather going to be like in Boston 2. Notify the user of problems, such as inability to access or interpret <RF/> in a new scene. 3. Suggest alternate plans for addressing in a <Situation/> (<Scene/> plus user <Needs/>). (a) Explain steps required to execute a plan. (b) Justify plans in terms of QoI value added. 4. Competent mixed-initiative interaction: (a) Initiate dialog for autonomously sensed situation changes. (b) Explain reasoning for <Self/>-initiated actions (not stilted). (c) Answer informal questions about the wireless devices and networks. (d) Pose planning questions ( Can we move 500 meters that way ). 5. Reliably detect and predict user intent: (a) Continuously track stereotype scenario templates.
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(b) Rectify decisions and actions against templates ( cases ). (c) Obey meta level commands ( Knock it off ). 6. Adapt to users: (a) Who regularly take apparently inappropriate actions. (b) Agent s scene perception must adapt to user actions. These very challenging prototypical tasks are common to the following cognitive wireless assistant use cases. 9.3.1 Zeus in a Box
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A start-up company called Zeus Wireless offers Zeus in a Box (ZB), an autonomous wireless agent in a set top box. ZB focuses on wireless network management in the home. Zeus marketing wants ZB to detect all home wireless networks WiFi, 802.11, cordless telephone, Home RF, power line communications, TV-band ad hoc networks, and other ISM wireless. The consumer turns on the new wireless microwave oven; it talks to the wireless refrigerator, to the UPC scanning kitchen cabinets, and so on. It thus cooks your microwavable snack without requiring you to read the directions. (Like it so far ) A sensor on the front door detects the <Owner s> BT trust codes and connects it to the home network. Visual sensor reports Sensor 2 front door Suzie is home now. ZB is security aware, with aggressive personal rewalls changing long pseudorandom passwords to protect the home network from identity theft. Implementing the Use Case: ZB uses a subset of the CRA <Self/> consisting of RKOs for the networks, SKOs for apartment buildings, suburban neighborhoods, and rural settings, and UKOs for prototypical users from <Computerilliterate/> to <Accomplished-hacker/>. The Zeus CWN retains the master KOs, uploading the appropriate ones at point of sale. The Zeus CWN uploads RKO-SKO-UKO instances from customers via the Internet, solves home networking problems with Google-class MIPS and storage, and downloads solution KOs and DHs respecting consumer privacy and greatly enhancing per-customer QoI. Although there are many engineering and market challenges, few technology challenges preclude this use case. 9.3.2 ZB Space Time Dialog About Home Networks
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In its rst employment, ZB has created an ad hoc LAN in unused TV channels for the home wireless network. The air interface delivers as much capacity as possible within the spectrum allocation and cost envelope of the hardware. It deals with fading and interference dynamically, implementing Kokar s OBR among other features. Even with such great technology, network setup and radio resource management can be challenging.
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Suppose the family likes to watch the evening news via wireless relay of a cable channel to the new HDTV display outside on the lanai. Others are using the same TV channels as wireless LANs in this suburban neighborhood at the same time, creating interference. In addition, the placement of items in the RF scene causes ne-scale multipath fading. The iCR models the RFrelated entities over space and time in order to generate methods to mitigate interference. ZB offers alternative interfaces from a cute dog with step-by-step instructions to a bare bones but much faster command-line interface for experts. The dog can rescue the experts without appearing too cute. The average purchaser doesn t read directions or follow the steps. The components are poured out of the box and plugged in. Nothing is showing on the HDTV. Now what The voice of ZB speaks from the ZB set top box: Is everything plugged in or supplied with batteries and turned on User says yes. Thank you for welcoming me into your home. I see a NTSC TV set, a DECT cordless telephone, two CDMA cell phones, a BlueTooth enabled laptop, but I don t see the remote control or the HDTV display that you purchased with this system. Did you turn on the remote control User says yes. Could you set the remote control into the cradle on top of this unit User says no. Without the test widget, I can t help you gure out what is wrong with the HDTV display. User says something unintelligible about a two year old. Unable to recognize the reply, ZB says: If you leave this unit powered on, then I will start helping again when you set the remote control in the cradle on top of this unit. After a few minutes, the user inserts the remote control into the set top box. ZB clears and reprograms the remote control via the physical connection of the cradle. The controller memory had been corrupted by a magnet in the motor of a zip-zap toy car purchased at the same time. Thank you. Do you have the time to continue User says yes, OK, hurry up. Could you pick up the remote control from the cradle and walk toward the HDTV ZB records digital snapshots of the scene every 2 seconds as the user walks out of the house onto the lanai. From its video blob detector, it recognizes the visual signature of an overhang (probability 80%). The ZB client in the handheld remote-controller says, Sorry. I just lost the wireless connection to the set top box. Could you please back up The user goes back into the house. OK, thank you. Your home seems to have walls and an overhang outside that are causing problems with the radio link. You may have metal studs in the walls. If you know this to be the case, please say yes . The user says, What do you think I am, an architect ZB says, If you don t know, that is OK. With your help I will work around it. Is that OK User says OK. If the HDTV is still powered on, then please walk around near the HDTV as much as you can without getting hurt. I will record the radio network con-
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