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II Problem Solving
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5 Well-order problems
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Principle: Given human creativity, if learners face problems early on that are too freeform or too complex, they often form creative hypotheses about how to solve these problems, but hypotheses that don t work well for later problems (even for simpler ones, let alone harder ones). They have been sent down a garden path. The problems learners face early on are crucial 52
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Good Videogames and should be well designed to lead them to hypotheses that work well, not just on these problems, but as aspects of the solutions of later, harder, problems as well. Games: Problems in good games are well ordered. In particular, early problems are designed to lead players to form good guesses about how to proceed when they face harder problems later on in the game. In this sense, earlier parts of a good game are always looking forward to later parts. Example: Return to Castle Wildenstein and Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, though radically different games, both do a good job of offering players problems that send them down fruitful paths for what they will face later in the game. They each prepare the player to get better and better at the game and to face more difficult challenges later in the game. Education: Work on connectionism and distributed parallel processing in cognitive science has shown that the order in which learners confront problems in a problem space is important (Clark, 1989; Elman, 1991a, b). Confronting complex problems too early can lead to creative solutions, but approaches that won t work well for even simpler later problems. Anything goes just turn learners loose in rich environments no need for teachers these are bad theories of learning; they are, in fact, the progressive counterpart of the traditionalists skill-and-drill. Learners are novices. Leaving them to float amidst rich experiences with no guidance only triggers human beings great penchant for finding creative but spurious patterns and generalizations that send learners down garden paths (Gee, 1992, 2001). The fruitful patterns or generalizations in any domain are the ones that are best recognized by those who already know how to look at the domain, know how the complex variables at play in the domain relate and interrelate to each other. And this is precisely what the learner does not yet know. Problems spaces can be designed to enhance the trajectory through which the learner traverses them. This does not mean leading the learner by the hand in a linear way. It means designing the problem space well.
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6 Pleasantly frustrating
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Principle: Learning works best when new challenges are pleasantly frustrating in the sense of being felt by learners to be at the outer edge of, but within, their regime of competence. That is, these challenges feel hard but doable. Furthermore, learners feel and get evidence that their effort is paying off in the sense that they can see, even when they fail, how and if they are making progress. 53
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James Paul Gee Games: Good games adjust challenges and give feedback in such a way that different players feel the game is challenging but doable and that their effort is paying off. Players get feedback that indicates whether they are on the right road for success later on and at the end of the game. When players lose to a boss, perhaps several times, they get feedback about the sort of progress they are making so that at least they know if and how they are moving in the right direction towards success. Example: Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Halo, and Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner (which has different difficulty levels) manage to stay at a doable but challenging level for many different sorts of players. They also give good feedback about where the player s edge of competence is and how it is developing, as does Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Rise of Nations allows the player to customize many aspects of the difficulty level and gain feedback of whether things are getting too easy or too hard for the player. Education: School is often too easy for some kids and too hard for others even when both are in the same classroom. Motivation for humans lies in challenges that feel challenging but doable and in gaining continual feedback that lets them know what progress they are making. Learners should be able to adjust the difficulty level while being encouraged to stay at the outer edge of, but inside, their level of competence. They should gain insight into where this level is and how it is changing over time. Good games don t come in grade levels that players must be at. They realize that it doesn t matter when the player finishes or how he or she did in comparison to others all that matters is that the player learns to play the game and comes to master it. Players who take longer and struggle longer at the beginning are sometimes the ones who, in the end, master the final boss most easily. There are no special learners when it comes to videogames. Even an old guy like me can wander the plains of Morrowind long enough to pick up the ropes and master the game. The world doesn t go away, I can enter any time; it gives me constant feedback, but never a final judgment that I am a failure; and the final exam the final boss is willing to wait until I am good enough to beat him.
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