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Harry looks at Euro trades.
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I thought of Mindy at George Sisler s hedge fund. It occurred to me that she could benefit from switching to a long-term view, if in fact George was going to require more of her, as Harvey suggested. It made sense to me anyway. Why trade over one hundred times in one day, just to achieve the same profits in one trade by careful study on the long-term charts Next I determined that if the system of support and resistance that I d traded worked before, then it would work again. And if I was tempted to look at a different time frame, I d select an even longer time frame than the four-hour charts. But first I had some questions. The first trader I found sitting about twenty feet in front of me was actively engaged in a game of rolling dice against another trader who was obviously working very hard, and not at his desk. Both of them were dressed casually. Neither one was a day over 30 years old. I supposed, from what I learned about traders so far, that their youngish looks and apparent lack of concern for the market had nothing to do with their skills as trader. I started to think that the better the trader, the less the person would actually look like a trader. Or what I expected a trader to look like. Or, more yet, what I expected a trader would be doing. In fact, what did these guys do all day Why were they even here I wondered. Hi Harry, the first trader said. Watcha doin He spoke with a Canadian accent. Hi. I have some questions. If you don t mind. I hope I m not interrupting anything important.
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Not at all, Mr. Banes, the other answered. We re just here manning some open positions. This one spoke forcefully with a British accent. His voice had a tone of confidence, and this impressed me. I wanted to speak like that. I wanted to be sure of myself like that, especially when trading. Confidence seemed to play a big role in trading success. After making a mental note to ask Craig or Anderson or Harvey about it, I asked: Is there any reason that switching from a four-hour chart to a daily chart would make a big difference As long as I am following the same system The Brit didn t even look up. He shook his head. I think he took me for an amateur (which I could not dispute) and didn t seem to care one way or the other if I got my answer. The Canadian seemed completely willing to help and replied happily: Not really. What works on the four-hour ought to work on the daily. But you should go back in time and test it to make sure. That seemed reasonable to me, although I had no idea how I might go about doing such testing. I was going to ask another question, but the Canadian beat me to it: If you re going to trade from the daily, you re really going for the bigger moves. That s where you can get a big piece of the action, if you can ride along for the swings. A lot of traders here are taking a harder look at the long-term charts for that reason. More profit, less work. And you trade from home, right Well, it s obviously much easier since you are only going to have to look at the chart once a day. Or at least, you re going to center your planning time around 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, when the New York session is completely over and the daily candle closes. Once a day That made sense. If I planned my support and resistance trades on a daily chart then I would only really be looking at the charts when the daily candle closed. And now I knew that it closed at 5:00 P.M. I would later learn that in the 24-hour world of currency trading, 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time represented the end of one day and the beginning of the next. At that time, a new day was starting in Asia and a workday was ending in New York. So it made sense if I looked at it from a worldwide standpoint. I couldn t remember any more questions, so I stood and watched them roll the dice a few times. The Brit chimed in: Want a piece of the action, Harryboy Not really. What s at stake here The Canadian laughed. This game is called paycheck, Harry. He s got me for two paychecks right now. It s a simple game: I roll three times and add up the total. Then Roddy here makes a bet. He bets either that he can beat the total in one roll, in two rolls, or in three rolls. One roll is called a one bet, two rolls a two bet, and three rolls, a three bet, or the wussbet, and you can figure out why we call it that. If he makes a three bet, and he wins, then he owes me nothing and I owe him nothing and I get to roll again. If he loses the three bet, as we call it here at EW, then he pays me half a paycheck. If he makes a 2 bet and wins, he wins half of my next pay-
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