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A wild ride.
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waiting for days to trade, while Craig was enjoying freshly baked pips after just a few minutes of trading! How on earth was Mr. Wilson going to make money by sitting around and not even reacting at all to the economic report I dove back into the books. I finished the first book that evening, and then spent the rest of the evening wading through the others. I had four or five open at a time, and I was sucking in as much information as possible. Although I was learning a lot from them, and the terminology was coming quickly, I couldn t get the idea about trading after the economic reports out of my head. From the books, I was learning lists of important economic reports. Here are the ones that seemed to cause the most movement: Non-Farm Payroll Consumer Price Index Trade Balance FOMC Interest Rate Decision and Minutes
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There were other economic reports listed, but these were supposedly some of the most important ones. Together with my new-found understanding of economic reports, I had the Amazing Forex software, and I was sure that I could make that expensive tool work for me in this system. It seemed perfectly designed to help me make a decision about what trade to take after an economic report. By scouting around online, I also taught myself about leverage, or margin. I learned that forex dealers were willing to offer 100 1, or even 200 1 margin. This meant with an initial investment of $1,000, I could command a $100,000 position, or even more, in the currency markets. What got my juices flowing about this was that, apparently, I could keep my small trading account, and once I started learning to trade like Craig, I could still make a lot of money on a daily basis. Trading for a living from home was now making sense to me. The only reason I had lost so much so fast was that I had left my trades open while I was doing other things. If I had been paying attention and trading in the short term, I could have cleaned up. The math I was doing in my head was shocking. My forex dealer offered 400 1 margin. That meant that I could put up $100 in margin, and command a $400,000 position. That would be worth $40 per pip! I d have $400 in margin left over still. Just like the woman from the forex dealer had told me on the phone every time the price moved against me by 1 pip, or $40, that would be deducted from my available leftover margin. So, I could allow an economic report trade to move against me 10 pips before I needed to get out. That was fine, I realized the market only moved in one direc-
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Mapping Out a New Career
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tion after these reports! I could just be ready to go in the direction of the movement after the report, and then bank some quick profits. I d seen the GBP/USD move 200 pips in just a few moments. If I just got 50 of those pips for every economic report, at $40 each, that was $2,000 in gains. Every day! It was no wonder that those Wall Street guys were making so much money. They were trading position sizes of probably $10 million at a time. That would be . . . $1,000 per pip. At 50 pips a day, they were easily making hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. That was when I knew it was my time to shine. I could not wait to start trading again. I had broken down my wife by losing my job. I had raised her hopes high on the plans to become a trader, and now I had to prove myself. She was giving me another chance to make right the bad trade and the loss of $1,200. I decided that I never wanted to talk about that loss again. I was going to focus on the future! What gain could come from miserably dissecting the past So I mentally stepped into a phone booth and changed myself into Harry Banes: Supertrader. This was my destiny. I was going to earn back every cent that I had lost. I might even earn it back on one trade. I told all this to my wife the next morning. She was supportive. You got a nice severance check, and I know it wasn t easy to get that. Maybe we should put that money in the trading account instead of the bank. You can earn more trading it than we can in interest. That is not a bad idea, I agreed. The severance alone is not going to get us very far. I did some calculations in my mind. With a $6,000 account, I could use $3,000 for margin, and I d be able to command a $1.2 million position, which would be worth $120 per pip. Now we were talking about serious money. More than enough to live on. On a daily diet of 50 pips off economic reports, I could expect to make $5,000 per day. This was nearly too great to comprehend. I was going to be rich. It occurred to me that so many people in life never took advantage of their opportunities. The $6,000 severance money was a fantastic opportunity. Because I d recently lost a big chunk of money, I decided to play it cool. I told Gini, What I ll do is get the trading account back up to a thousand dollars, and then we can put the six thousand in. That way I can get my new trading plan off the ground, try it out, talk with Craig again. That will be perfect. By the time I talk to him, I ll have lots of good questions, and he can help me maximize the severance money. Gini believed this was a good idea. How are we going to get by in the meantime I had a plan for this. I think we should take my retirement money out of the Wakeman 401(k) plan. And we can live on that for at least six months.
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