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A Trip to the Thirty-First Floor
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But I knew what I wanted. I wanted to do what these people did. Now, I remembered my trade. Seeing all these people in a state of violent anxiety over their trades made me feel part of the group. A member of a brotherhood of traders who worried about whether their trade was profitable. Just like me. Hey, Mack, you lookin for somebody a voice called out to me. I could not tell where it had come from, so I just answered while I was looking around the room, Anderson. Looking for Anderson. Over in front of you, keep walking, to the conference room. You look like you stepped in something. If I had been able to identify who was talking to me, I would have asked about the current price on the British Pound. Copies of the Wall Street Journal were everywhere, but most of them were unopened. The sports sections of the New York Daily News and New York Post were opened across one out of three desks, at the least. Most traders wore casual clothes. If a guy had a sport coat of any kind, it was strewn over the back of his chair or on the floor. Everywhere I looked around the trading floor, there were computer screens and on those screens, charts. Not so different from the charts I would see if I watched business news on television, which was mostly never. Every trader I could see in fact, all of them had at least three flat panel computer monitors, and some had four. At least one of those screens on each desk was showing some form of financial charts. The charts still made no sense to me. But obviously they were indispensable. It was one more thing I was going to have to learn. Instead of spending more time gawking at the trading operation, I decided I d be better off just getting over to see Anderson, and then getting back upstairs to check on my trade. I hurried to the conference room where I saw a thin, blond man, with wire glasses and a bow tie, standing by a sea of papers on a glass conference table. Although he had boyish looks, it was obvious he was an important person around here, just from the way he stood at the table in deep thought, with his hand rubbing his chin. Maybe it was his ability to look so calm while there was so much madness happening right on the other side of the glass conference room. He grinned at me when I opened the door. You must be Harry Banes, he said in a quiet voice. I would not have heard him if the glass conference room walls had not been surprisingly soundproof. Yes, that s right. I brought this letter from Herb. He put out his hand to take the letter and smiled warmly. How long have you been with the firm About 10 years.
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How is it, working with Herb I was not about to lose my job from a stupid comment, so I answered as honestly as possible. We ll be working more closely now that he s the senior partner. True. Where did you go to school I didn t really understand what he was asking, so I said, Cardozo. Oh, that s a fine law school, he said. For a moment I thought about correcting him I hadn t gone to Benjamin Cardozo law school. I d gone to Benjamin Cardozo High School. What he didn t know wouldn t hurt him. You from the city He asked. Yep, born and raised. Who did you have for Corporations He asked, never letting his eyes off mine. I must have let my eyes fall out of my head at that moment, because it was easily apparent that I had no idea what he was talking about. So I acted like I hadn t heard him and stared out the window. Busy day today on the trading floor, I told him. I said this with a matterof-fact tone, as if I visited trading floors all the time and was pleased to see everyone busy at work. Sure is. CPI rocked the markets this morning. Sent stocks way up in a hurry. Stocks were irrelevant. My buy trade on the GBP/USD was far more important. And the dollar I asked. He grinned. So you re a student of the markets, I see. I nodded. I do a bit of trading myself. Well, then, he said, You ll be happy if you re short dollars today. Short dollars That meant selling dollars. I had bought British Pounds. This should not have been so confusing, but it was. I had bought the GBP today, which meant that I had sold USD, which meant that I was short dollars. And he was telling me that the dollar had gone down! That meant that more sweet profit was waiting for me upstairs. Actually, I told him, I should be short dollars as we speak. This pleased him immensely. Fine, very fine. We need to make sure that we keep in touch. Anyway, about Corporations, who d you have Now I was screwed. I m embarrassed to say that I don t even remember. With a quiet chuckle, he let me off the hook. Too much trading, I presume! Understood. Skipped corporations myself. By third year, I was skipping class and calling my broker to place trades. I paid more in commissions in my third year than I made in profits on every trade. And then he patted me on the shoulder. Thankfully, our discussion about my law school experience, which I never had, was nearly over. He continued.
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