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1 P Zv < x v; Vv > ujWs P t; u : Zs x s u t 1 H
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is a nite positive function. When LH is replaced simply by a normalizing constant, Eq. (4.15) is slightly better than the Weibull approximation (4.9). However, it has turned out to be dif cult to obtain more accurate estimates with the Benes presentation. Finally, an approach based on the Girsanov formula for fractional Brownian motion [3, 10, 17] was presented by Norros [14]. The process M t c1 where 1 c1 H 2H 1 B 3 H; H 1 2 2 and B m; n denotes the beta function B m; n 1
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s1=2 H t s 1=2 H dZs ;
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xm 1 1 x n 1 dx
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G m G n ; G m n
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turns out to be a Gaussian martingale with zero mean and variance EMt2 c2 t 2 2H , 2 where c2 is the constant given in Eq. (4.12). Moreover, exp aMt a2 c2 t 2 2H is the 2 Radon Nikodym derivative between probability measures corresponding to fractional Brownian motions on time interval 0; t with drifts a and 0, respectively. Now, the storage occupancy distribution has the presentation   c2 2 2H 2 P V > x E exp MTx Tx ; 2 where Tx is the hitting time Tx inf ft ! 0: Zt xg. Good approximations can be obtained in the case H > 1 by replacing c2 by 1. This leads to 2 1 2H 2 2H P V > x % E exp xTx 1 Tx 2 2 4     2 2H =H 53 1 H =H x 1 x E exp Z1 * ; Z* 2 Z* 1 1 * where the last step follows from the fact that Tx x=Z1 1=H . This can be expected to be rather accurate, but we still have to use some approximation for the unknown distribution of Z1 It is interesting to note that the rough substitution Z1 % jZ1 j gives *. * in fact the same approximation as the simple Benes approximation mentioned after Eq. (4.15). Both the Benes and Girsanov approaches have the appealing feature that they are based on nontrivial exact formulas. However, attempts to use them to obtain inequalities, or alternative derivations of the exact asymptotics (4.14), have not succeeded so far.
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The fractional Brownian storage is a nice mathematical object that offers many interesting challenges for further work. For example, little seems to be known about the nite buffer case, priority queueing, or dependence between busy periods. On the other hand, new and powerful analytical techniques for working with FBM, based on Malliavian calculus, are already waiting for applications see Decreusefond and Ustunel [3]. The problems connected with the motivation of fractional Brownian storage by limit theorems were brie y discussed in Section 4.1. Describing the applicability of this model or, more generally, any Gaussian storage model in quantitative terms is a task that clearly requires further work and innovations.
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Self-Similar Network Traf c and Performance Evaluation, Edited by Kihong Park and Walter Willinger Copyright # 2000 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Print ISBN 0-471-31974-0 Electronic ISBN 0-471-20644-X
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