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Operational Examples of Implementation
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The response from the architects was clear: all subsequent adaptation to the format of the existing applications required the application to natively produce the XML format described in the EAI hub. The managers of the concerned applications viewed this as a additional burden asked of them with no business justification. Who would pay the additional costs, the application s management team who had the budget or the CIO who did not For the pilot, the question remained unresolved, but it was obvious that this was a keystone for the generalization phase. Functional tests could start after the necessary application adapters were developed, after the file adapters supplied by the provider were used, and after the correct parameters were set in the implemented EAI tool. Functional reception was pronounced fairly rapidly, given that the transformation functions were relatively simple; the first pilot essentially had to validate the robustness and performance of the solution. 11.2.4. Integration tests: disturbing results Tests for robustness are carried out jointly by R&D, who are responsible for the pilot project, and the operations team. The results are judged disturbing: application adapters: average results in the case of operational problems, information was not always transmitted. If an item of information was posted, who processes it, and who decides the integrity of the processed file (keep the entire file only allow correct records through ) file adapter: not correct for the operation for the needs of the EAI tool, the file was divided into messages. If an error arises during the transformation phase, the EAI tool does not natively know the integrity context for the records in what used to be the file. In other words, integrity has to be managed in the parameter settings of the EAI tool. This was an extra load for the integration tool; transformation function, narrowly defined no particular problem encountered, other than the previous point. 11.2.5. How did we end up here Consequences of architectural choices The problems of integration and more still, the problems of performance, were the direct consequence of architectural choices:
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Application Integration: EAI, B2B, BPM and SOA
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By favoring message mode for applications that deliver information in files, even by requesting a file connector very significantly decreasing the performance of the EAI tool in a minimum ratio of 1 to 10 since the EAI tool was working in message mode, it had to save the execution context with each message. An EAI tool that worked natively in file mode did not save its context in each message (each record) but rather in each file (or at most, in each collection of logically integrated records). Moreover, other things being equal, this explained the large differences in performance. By requiring the assurance of the four steps of adapters and transformers instead of just one (refer above), the architecture did not seek to optimize performance. In addition, the potential benefit from an EAI tool that directly transforms fixed formats into fixed or variable formats with respect to an architecture that relies on XML formats was estimated in a ratio of 1 to 5. The essential reason was due to the time required to parse an XML document, while by definition, there was no need for parsing fixed format, since the same information was always in the same place. 11.2.6. Performance tests: catastrophic results Application adapters: correct result. The developments requested subsequent to integration tests should not fundamentally change the data. File adapter and transformation functions: these results were judged catastrophic, in a ratio from 1 to 50 compared to the performance elements observed during the mockup. The experts from the provider were called in. After analysis of the parameter settings and application of the recommendations, the global observed benefit was an improvement by a factor of 1.5 which meant the results went from 1 to 30. Taking the selected architecture into account, that was as far as it could go. Managers on the enterprise side and on the integrator/provider side met. Initially, a conservation action contemplated an upgrade to the machines that supported the production hub. The financial consequences were not negligible. Technical managers on the enterprise side wondered how to announce the news to their management. 11.2.7. Report card: final decision Faced with the final results and taking into account all of the investment that the enterprise had already agreed to, the pilot project achieved production with volume levels that created no particular problem.
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