Network Managment - Introduction in Java

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Network Managment - Introduction
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the SNMP protocol plays a central role in fault management of IP networks
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Configuration management Configuration management allows a network manager to track which devices are on the managed network and the hardware and software configurations of these devices Accounting management Accounting management allows the network manager to specify, log, and control user and device access to network resources Usage quotas, usage-based charging, and the allocation of resource access privileges all fall under accounting management Security management The goal of security management is to control access to network resources according to some well-defined policy The key distribution centers and certificate authorities that we studied in section 74 are components of security management The use of firewalls to monitor and control external access points to one's network, a topic we will study in section 84, is another crucial component
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In this chapter, we'll cover only the rudiments of network management Our focus will be purposefully narrow - we'll examine only the infrastructure for network management - the overall architecture, network management protocols, and information base through which a network administrator "keeps the network up and running" We'll not cover the decision making processes of the network administrator, who must plan, analyze, and respond to the management information that is conveyed to the NOC In this area, topics such as fault identification and management [Katzela 1995, Mehdi 1997], proactive anomaly detection [Thottan 1998], alarm correlation [Jakobson 1993], and more come into consideration Nor will we cover the broader topic of service management [Saydam 1996] - the provisioning of resources such as bandwidth, server capacity and the other computational/ communication resources needed to meet the mission-specific service requirements of an enterprise In this latter area, standards such as TMN [Glitho 1995, Sidor 98] and TINA [Hamada 1997] are larger, more encompassing (and arguably much more cumbersome) standards that address this larger issue TINA, for example, is described as "a set of common goals, principles, and concepts cover the management of services, resources, and parts of the Distributed Processing Environment" [Hamada 1997] Clearly, all of these topics are enough for a separate text, and would take us a bit far afield from the more technical aspects of computer networking So, as noted above, our more modest goal here will be cover the important "nuts and bolts" of the infrastructure through which the network administrator keeps the bits flowing smoothly An often-asked question is "What is network management " Our discussion above has motivated the need for, and illustrated a few of the uses of, network management We'll conclude this section with a single-sentence (albeit a rather long, run-on sentence) definition of network management from [Saydam 1996]: "Network management includes the deployment, integration and coordination of the hardware, software and human elements to monitor, test, poll, configure, analyze, evaluate and control the
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Network Managment - Introduction
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network and element resources to meet the real-time, operational performance, and Quality of Service requirements at a reasonable cost" It's a mouthful, but it's a good workable definition In the following sections, we'll add some meat to this rather bare-bones definition of network management
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