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2 Extreme Programming Outlined
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Thus people want to succeed in their work, to enjoy what they do, to feel a sense of achievement, to learn and improve their knowledge and technical skills, to be able to relax with colleagues, and to manage their responsibilities without the stigma of failure. From a technical point of view, there are many issues to be considered. Fundamentally, we are engaged in the development of something of value, a product that may have some economic bene t: it pays our wages and contributes to the company s pro ts; it bene ts our customers by providing them with enhanced capacity to achieve their business objectives. However, it may not be business based in the narrow interpretation of the term but enables clients to do their work better (many of our customers are charities or public sector organizations, which are not necessarily pro t driven). Thus we need to think about value and its costs in time and money in a holistic way, and these will be at the core of our work. A key mechanism for keeping these three things together is to proceed in very small steps. In this way, one can see how well one is doing, and if we can combine this with a view of where we are going accepting that this may not be totally clear at all times then we can make progress. Adding value and demonstrating this should be the objective throughout. We can see how this is achieved if we maintain a constant relationship with each other developers, customers, and managers all the time. To do that we need to communicate: to talk to each other, to show each other what we have done, to discuss where we are going, to re ect on what has been achieved in an honest way, to help each other if things go wrong, to keep relationships in a positive state. Sometimes we should think about developing and maintaining these relationships outside of the work environment through social and leisure activities. A dominant theme is the ow of activities. We will focus on building frequent small releases of code that can demonstrate some value to the project; we will re ect on what has happened frequently and regularly; we will respond to setbacks in a positive way that enhances our understanding of the development process and of our professional and personal capabilities; we will promote discussion and sharing of perspectives and knowledge; and we will try to improve ourselves, our team and our organization bit by bit. These fundamental principles lead to a set of values that will form the basis of XP: good communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, and respect.
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Before we get into the more detailed description of what XP is all about, we need to understand the fundamental values that are its reason for existence and the reason for its success. These ve basic values of XP are shown in Fig. 2.1.
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Almost all the research that has been attempted into the great software engineering disasters has concluded that breakdowns in communication between developers
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2.2 The Five Values
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Figure 2.1 The values of XP.
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and client, among the clients, and among the developers play a major role. In a sense, computing is all about communication from human to computer to human, and thus the very essence of our subject requires that we address this in a fundamental way. XP tries to emphasize this factor by building a rich collection of procedures and activities that emphasize effective communication among all the stakeholders. Stakeholders include Customers: managers, nancial directors, marketing departments, and so forth Users: administrative staff, general public, and so forth Developers: programmers, managers, nancial directors, marketing, and so forth Media and other organizations who may take an interest Let us look at some of the most important areas where communication is vital. The rst one doesn t involve the developers at all. Consider a company that wishes to have some software developed to support its business activities. The rst and most vital requirement is that they can decide what the principal objective of the software that they need is. This requires them to understand their business, its context, the strategy of the business, and so on. For this to be done successfully, there has to be good communication among the principle players in the company, the directors, managers, operators, and possibly their clients and business backers. Many software disasters have been caused by failures at this level. Perhaps the company has not thought through its business objectives properly: Is the proposed software either needed or providing the most business value It is often the case that the reason for the software becomes obscured, perhaps the principle project champion in the company leaves or changes their role in the company. Someone else might take over this responsibility and may either be unaware of the motivation for the development or unsympathetic to it. It is therefore vital that the company is clear about why it wants the software developed, has analyzed its operations suf ciently well to be able to justify it on business grounds, and that there is a knowledgeable champion for the development who is well connected with all the stakeholders in the company. We will rely on the existence of these parameters during our project. If something is wrong here,
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