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effectively subsumes the Semantic Web and includes resources ranging from powerful computational resources to sensor networks. Amongst these will be the components of a digital library. Yet the digital library as an identi able entity may have ceased to exist. Instead the user of the Web will see a network of resources, of varying provenance, trustworthiness and cost. Much will be free, but where payment is justi able, then it will be required. The walled garden will have ceased to exist, but instead individual items within the whole landscape will have controlled access. The resources themselves will vary enormously. Not just text and multimedia in the conventional sense, but software and data objects of all sorts. The last of these will include the results of scienti c experiments, so that researchers will not just read their colleagues research results on-line, but also have access to the raw data and be able to repeat the analyses. They will have access to some data even as it is being created, for example sensor data. All this data will be linked. A paper on the Web will link to its references. The paper will also be linked to the data used to generate the published results. Data in a databank will link to the papers which have made use of it. There will be an enormous richness of metadata. For example, we are used today to seeing the nished product of an intellectual process; for example the scienti c paper which creates new ground-breaking insight. How much could we learn from understanding the process which created it; for example the reasons why a particular approach is used, and why so many others are rejected. All this information can be captured as the intellectual process itself is taking place, and treated as metadata. The suggestion has even been made that the paper, as a linear narrative, may lose its monopoly as a medium of communication, at least in the scienti c world (de Waard, A 2005). Perhaps to be complemented by sets of triples, or at least annotated hypertext . More prosaically one could imagine authors plagiarising their own, or even others work, by hyperlinking sections from previous work into new work, for example to provide a background to the new work. To exploit its full bene ts, new technology demands new ways of working. The introduction of information technology should always be accompanied by a redesign of business processes. One author has forcibly made the point that digital libraries must support new ways of intellectual work (Soergel, 2002). So our technology must be seamlessly integrated into the systems which support a user s work; and we must seek to go beyond the limitations of our paper-based metaphors and truly exploit the power of the technology. To achieve all this, signi cant research is still needed. Just as in other chapters authors have stressed the need for more research into the core semantic technologies, so here we stress the need for more research into exploiting those technologies to create the digital libraries of the future.
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Encompassed within this research will be work to understand how the new ways of organising knowledge enable and demand new ways of performing knowledge work; so that the new technology can radically enhance our intellectual activity.
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