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The InfiniBand architecture is a very high speed interconnect between servers that are physically close together. InfiniBand speeds can reach 30Gbit per
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second, with extremely low latency. Unlike the better-known PCI bus, InfiniBand is point-to-point; it requires a switch to connect multiple devices, and software for node management. It was originally designed to offer faster I/O to computers with ever-increasing CPU and memory speeds, because there were concerns whether other I/O transports, such as PCI, would be able to keep up with the demands that the other components were placing. When InfiniBand was first announced, expectations were extraordinarily high. It was going to replace every networking infrastructure in existence, and probably put an end to world hunger. Once expectations were ratcheted back, and InfiniBand was targeted as a data-center-only solution to interconnect servers at a very high speed, it became a much more realistic proposal. InfiniBand makes great sense as a clustering interconnect, and as a way to share and move extremely large amounts of data relatively short distances. (A good cluster interconnect is one that can send relatively small amounts of data over short distances at high speed with very low latency. Cluster members need up-to-the-second information about state changes in other members. A good storage interconnect, on the other hand, needs to be able to share large amounts of data, with high speed, as well as with moderate, but predictable, latency.) Although it will require new hardware, InfiniBand does not require an expensive new wiring infrastructure because the systems it will connect will be physically close together. It will, however, require dedicated switches and other networking hardware. Until it is more widely accepted, systems will require an adapter board that will allow a connection to be made into the InfiniBand network fabric. Although InfiniBand supports copper cabling at distances of up to 17 meters, and fiber optic cabling at distances of up to 10 kilometers, with as many as tens of thousands of nodes in a single subnet, the early applications involve systems and storage that are physically close together. Products that actually support InfiniBand have not reached the market in large quantities yet, but the InfiniBand Trade Association (www.infinibandta .org) lists more than 75 different hardware and software vendors, both large and small, as having joined. Of course, joining an industry association is very different from delivering products that support it. Recent developments have indicated that vendor support for InfiniBand is wavering, and there are many in the industry who believe that it will soon wind up either with a radical repurposing or on the great scrap heap of promising technology that never found market acceptance.
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Global Filesystem Undo
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Human error is one of the leading causes of system downtime. When system administrators make mistakes, those mistakes can have huge impacts on the
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systems, data, applications, and users that the administrators are responsible for. When a regular user makes a mistake, generally he is the only user affected. When an administrator makes a mistake, she can affect all of her users. Recovery from administrative mistakes can take days or even weeks. One way to reduce the impact of human error1 is to design systems that allow administrators to have a second chance when they know they ve made certain types of mistakes. This is especially valuable, since the really difficult work of system administrators is usually done off-hours, especially in the middle of the night, when they may not be as alert or attentive as they are during the day. The way to give administrators a second chance is through a technique called global undo. As the name implies, global undo would allow an administrator who has made a mistake to do the equivalent of typing a Control-Z in Microsoft Word and put things back the way they were before the mistake. Obviously, there are other ways that system administrators can make mistakes besides messing up filesystem-based files, some of which may be repairable through global undo, such as database modifications and the applying of OS-level patches. Others, such as network configurations, take place external to filesystems, and would require other methods to facilitate recovery. But if global filesystem undo can repair many, or even most, situations, it would be very helpful and useful. There are two ways to achieve global filesystem undo. One is by logging every single change, data or configuration, that is made to the every file in every filesystem on the entire computer system, and preserving that log for a known period of time. In this way, the administrator could roll the system back to a point in time before the error. The problem with this is that it s a complex and time-consuming system that requires a great deal of extra disk and computing resources. A simpler and more practical approach is for an administrator to decide that he is about to begin a risky process, and take a snapshot of the filesystems. If he does something wrong, he can roll back to the snapshot. If the error occurs when he has not taken a snapshot, then he is no better off than he was without this capability in place. On the other hand, the system will not suffer the drag on resources that it would if all system activity was being logged at all times. From an availability perspective, global filesystem undo is the most exciting of these future trends, at least in the short term. It appears to be a moderately complex implementation of existing technology that can have a very large impact on system availability. And when you combine this idea with virtual machines (discussed in 19, Virtual Machines and Resource Management ), the problem becomes much easier to solve.
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1 You can totally eliminate human error by firing all of the humans and hiring monkeys or dogs in their place. Then it s not human error anymore, but simian or canine error instead. You ll also save money on salaries. But the raw number of mistakes and the cost of cleaning services will likely increase significantly.
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