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Structured Projects with Giant
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Giant Company adopted a project methodology years ago and has a strong project of ce staffed with certi ed project managers These people work on all types of initiatives, not just systems-related projects Every project must complete each step in the methodology without exception The project managers do not specialize in any type of project, and the one assigned to the data warehouse project is new to this eld Giant Company faced challenges when using the corporate project methodology for the data warehouse project All projects across the enterprise are de ned in a stepwise fashion and the business group must set up the project charter and scope Unfortunately, for the data warehouse project, this was completed without input from any of the enterprise data warehouse team members or the people who will be assigned to the project While the business goals are captured, there has not been a sanity check for feasibility The project
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Part II
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The Business Side of Data Warehousing
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charter and scope were handed to the project manager to de ne the project A statement of work was not developed, and there was great pressure to just start working Development of the project plan immediately identi ed a major problem with the project timeframe and budget; and it turns out that it will be impossible to complete this project as de ned in the charter and scope Fortunately, the seasoned project manager was able to see how the charter and scope de ned an impossible project, and called a time-out Additional research was done to develop a statement of work to identify the actual work to be completed on the project The project charter and scope were also revised This new, attainable project was approved and the project was able to move forward The project manager also pushed to get changes made to the project methodology
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Freedom for Creativity at Agile, Inc
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In contrast, the smaller company, Agile, Inc, wants to avoid bureaucracy and empower everyone to make decisions Teams can form projects quickly, execute, and then move on to the next thing While creativity ows, each individual project stays focused on one narrow objective This results in many individual, point solutions that do not work together More structure is needed to create and grow a foundation that will support the organization as a whole The ability to move quickly also creates challenges for those individual projects Ideas come up and work starts The actual objectives are clear to everyone, but no one takes the time to formally document them The objectives change frequently, depending on what is happening in any given week It is dif cult to develop a solution to address a moving target In addition, what is needed grows each time the business and systems team members meet As more thought goes into what is needed, more data and/or reports are identi ed With this happening repeatedly, it is almost impossible to know when the project is done A balance must be reached so that there is some structure to ensure the long-term viability of the project deliverables This does not mean that project methods take over and consume everyone s time and sti e creativity The experienced project manager for Agile, Inc, has partnered with the business champion to restart and run the data warehouse project using a more structured approach The executive and IT sponsors have also agreed to try this approach The data warehouse project is put on hold for a couple of weeks to allow time to formally de ne the project: charter, scope, and statement of work These key documents will be used throughout the life of the project to help manage change and maintain an appropriate focus In order to maintain exibility, the change control process is expected to be used, but will help the organization to understand the impact that each change will have on the project This new
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