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Presenting in Business Terms
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Another important, yet dif cult aspect of communication is sharing everything in business terms This can be particularly challenging for IT team members, especially if there is little interaction between groups Too often, the technical team members can only see and understand the development side of things, and they don t have any idea how what they do impacts the business community Although it is not necessary for every member on the team to be able to translate technical topics into business impact, at least one person must have that ability
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Successful IT Business Partnerships
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Many times there are detailed discussions about data sources and individual data elements Due to how the current source systems work, it is possible (and unfortunately fairly common) for data that is needed to allow integration with other systems to not be captured The content may be known at the time that the transaction was being processed, but it was not stored in the system This is usually because that piece of data is not needed to complete that speci c function, but it may be critical to support reporting and analysis later Below is a sample business description of a data integration problem The order entry system tracks every product and service in detail, to ensure that the correct products are delivered When invoicing the clients, the products and services are grouped to support tiered pricing, and customer volume discounts are applied Given that the order entry system is focused on delivery, it does not contain any pricing The invoicing system does not retain the link between the individual products and services and the line items on the invoice The products are delivered appropriately and invoices are accurately generated Unfortunately, this missing link limits the detailed analyses that can be done High-level analysis of the entire invoice by customer can be done, but detailed analysis of the pro tability at the product level of detail cannot be easily done There must be enough substance to help everyone understand the problem itself that there is missing data Then, there must be a description about what that means In this case, high-level analysis can be achieved with order and invoice data, but detailed analysis cannot be supported This could be signi cant if the primary objective of the project was to support product level pricing and pro tability analysis Without that link to the business capability, the business community usually blindly trusts the project team to do the right thing Then, during deployment the impact of the missing data link is understood This is where many problems between the business community and the systems groups arise Now, the business is not satis ed because their true requirement is not being met, and the systems team members are frustrated because they feel like the business agreed to move forward without the link Looking at the nitty-gritty, both are right Ensuring that each issue or topic is presented in business terms can help prevent this type of communication problem from happening
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Meeting Preparation
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Preparation is the one factor that you can control in order for your meetings and brie ngs to be successful Just as you go through a checklist of things you need before you go camping, you should review a checklist before going into a management brie ng: Check the technical setup in the room to ensure that the presentation can be projected
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Part II
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The Business Side of Data Warehousing
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Con rm that the seating capacity of the room is appropriate for the number of people who will attend Make sure that you count the formal invitees as well as any team members who will also be attending Bring handouts printed in a readable font (if you expect anyone over 40 years old, use a 12-point font or pass out reading glasses) Bring supporting material so that many questions can be addressed during the meeting This builds momentum While getting ready for any brie ng, work with other team members to brainstorm likely questions from the audience Practice what answers or responses will be given Schedule the room 30 minutes in advance of the actual meeting to allow time for setup It is too stressful to be pacing in the hallway while a group is nishing up their meeting This also means that you are setting up while the attendees are waiting for the meeting to begin Over time, these guidelines will become a natural part of planning a meeting A speci c checklist may not be needed, but the list should still be reviewed in your head prior to any meeting
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