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Data governance The practice of organizing and implementing policies, procedures, and standards for the effective use of an organization s structured or unstructured information assets Data mart A collection of data that is organized for end user ease of use and performance The term is typically used to describe all of the data that is loaded into a single database and used together for analysis Data marts are often developed to meet the needs of a business group such as marketing or nance The key to successful data marts is to create them in an integrated manner using conformed dimensions (explained in 7) It is also recommended that data be loaded into only one data mart and then shared across the organization to ensure data consistency Data model An abstraction of how individual data elements relate to each other It visually depicts how the data is to be organized and stored in a database A data model provides the mechanism to document and understand how data is organized Data quality Assessment of the cleanliness, accuracy, and reliability of data Data warehouse For the purposes of this book, a data warehouse is the collection of data and processes that gather data from across the organization, organize it for access, and deliver reports and analyses to the business community Other well-known de nitions of a data warehouse in the industry that are worth mentioning include the following: (1) The complete end-to-end data warehouse and business intelligence system (DW/BI system) Although some would argue that you can theoretically deliver business intelligence without a data warehouse and vice versa, that is ill-advised from our perspective Linking the two together in the DW/BI acronym reinforces their dependency Independently, we refer to the queryable data in your DW/BI system as the enterprise data warehouse, and value-add analytics as BI (business intelligence) applications (From The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit, Second Edition, by Ralph Kimball et al, John Wiley and Sons, 2008, pg 602) (2) The data warehouse is a collection of integrated subject-oriented data bases designed to support the DSS (decision support system) function, where each unit of data is relevant to some moment in time The data warehouse contains atomic data and lightly summarized data (From Building the Data Warehouse, Fourth Edition, by Bill Inmon and Claudia Imhoff, John Wiley and Sons, 2005, pg 495)
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It [the DW] is the central point of data integration for business intelligence and is the source of data for the data marts, delivering a common view of enterprise data (From Mastering Data Warehouse Design, by Claudia Imhoff, Nicholas Galemmo, and Jonathon Geiger, John Wiley and Sons, 2003, pg 400) Degenerate dimension A single attribute dimension whereby the only attribute is a reference identi er such as invoice number, PO number, or transaction ID This is needed to support analysis of the individual parts of a business transaction (individual line items) and the entire business transaction (the whole purchase order) Derived attribute An attribute that is created to facilitate the overall usefulness of the dimensional model This enables different attributes to be pulled together using a single identi er that can help the technical implementation of the dimensional model It is used when the underlying source systems do not have a data element to uniquely de ne this case, and is required to pull together nonrelated attributes of a junk dimension Derived fact A fact that is calculated on-the- y and not stored in the database Dimension Major business categories of information or groupings to describe business data Dimensions contain information used for constraining queries, report headings, and de ning drill paths Within a dimension, speci c attributes are the data elements that are used as row and column headers on reports Dimensional attributes are also considered to be reference data When describing the need to report information by region, by week, and by month, the attributes following by are dimensions Each of these would be included in a dimension Dimensional model A data model organized for the purpose of user understandability and high performance In a relational database, a dimensional model is a star join schema characterized by a central fact table with a multi-part key The components of this key are joined to a set of dimension tables, each de ned by its own primary keys In a multi-dimensional database, a dimensional model is the database cube Dimensional modeling A formal data modeling technique that is used to organize and represent data for analytical and reporting use The focus is on the business perspective and the representation of data Entity-relationship (E-R) model A data model that is used to represent data in its purest form and to de ne relationships between different entities
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