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Adopting the Solution
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The most successful data warehouses are those that are used as part of the daily business Pulling up the BI application is not something that has to be done because the boss says you have to; it simply becomes how work gets done It takes time for the BI application to become ingrained People need to grow comfortable with using the BI application They need to build their con dence that the data is really there and will still be there tomorrow and the next day As the group gains experience using the data warehouse, real change can happen In order to determine how usage patterns grow and change over time, use of the data warehouse must be tracked
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Part V
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Next Steps Expanding on Success
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Tracking Data Warehouse Use
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The true measurement of a successful data warehouse is the business value This may have been articulated when the overall project was reviewed, as discussed earlier in this chapter Taking it further, 13 provides more suggestions for nding and tracking business value on an ongoing basis At this point, it is also helpful to simply understand general data warehouse usage This is needed to help you do the following: Monitor performance and plan for increases in capacity Understand which business groups are using the DW Identify which business groups are not using the DW Identify groups or individuals who would bene t from additional education There are some simple ways to determine to what extent the data warehouse is being used: Track the number of different people who signed on to the BI application Track the number of queries run against the data warehouse Determine the average number of queries by type of user Depending upon the how security is implemented, this may also be determined by individual users too Count the number of new reports published for general use Count the total number of reports/templates created and stored by users for their own use Track the number of problems reported, and how many were resolved Track how often the data is loaded and ready for use on time These statistics can be loaded into a dimensional structure that can be used to analyze uctuations in use over time While these measures can help you gain an overall impression of data usage, they do not provide any insight into what impact the data warehouse has had on the business They can help the data warehouse team target groups and actions that increase the number of people using the data warehouse
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Getting the Rest of the Business Community on Board
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Now that the data warehouse project is complete, the business users managers need to help their staff members begin to use the data warehouse These business managers can get support from the data warehouse manager and
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Managing the Production Data Warehouse
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the data warehouse support team, but the primary emphasis must be from business management Several things can be done to help encourage use of the data warehouse, including the following: Communicate when and how the data warehouse was used to address speci c business situations that have come up Highlight situations where the use went beyond creating a new report to performing an analysis that yielded new insight Openly share situations in which executives and senior management have tapped into and bene ted from the results of the data warehouse If an executive dashboard has been built, then make the effort to use it yourself This sends a clear message that it is important Reward those who are using the data warehouse environment for their work Take it a step further by providing incentives to those who actively participate in ways that make it better People can be rewarded for identifying enhancements, developing business processes that utilize the data warehouse, or improving data quality In addition to the business support, the data warehouse manager can also sponsor a variety of activities to encourage use of the data warehouse: Create interest groups that communicate regularly and meet periodically These can be business users who want to create maps from the output of their analyses, people who want to learn more about the BI tool, or a group of IT developers who want to swap techniques for dealing with changes in the source systems These can be started using a social network such as Facebook, and then the groups can meet in person Offer Lunch and Learn sessions to offer informal education on speci c topics Interested staff can bring their lunch to a conference room to learn about new reports that are available, how to use speci c parts of the data, how to interact with reports, and how to perform more advanced analyses Offer a range of sessions and topics, from introductory through advanced, including some with a strong business focus and others that provide in-depth technical content Once this format is established, the participants can determine what topics are needed Create short articles and notices that can be placed on the organization s intranet and company or departmental newsletters This is an extension of the marketing that is done to launch the data warehouse Additional marketing efforts are needed to let others in the organization know how the data warehouse is being used Encouraging or requiring use of the data warehouse/BI application must come from business management No matter how desperately the IT people
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