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12 Stars With Magnetic Fields
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Fig 124 The upper box presents the circular polarization of Grw C70 8247 across the visible spectrum, and shows steps at 4135 and 4470 , corresponding to the Minkowski bands of molecular helium; there is also a weaker feature at 3910 Each white dwarf appears to display a unique v( ) spectrum, making it dif cult to categorize them (Taken from Angel, Landstreet & Oke, 1972)
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Another white dwarf of interest is GD 229 Following evidence by Swedlund, Wolstencroft, Michalsky, et al (1974) that this peculiar object displayed timevarying circular and linear polarization, Kemp, Coyne, Swedlund, et al (1974) investigated its linear polarization This paper highlights some of the problems associated with the removal of spurious signals from the background sky polarization In the blue part of the spectrum the linear polarization is well de ned at about 3%, but whether there is variability in the red remains an open question demanding further observational study The possibility as to whether the major component of the linear polarization has an interstellar origin was not broached Landstreet & Angel (1974) reported on the wavelength dependence of the circular polarization in this star and, over the period of their observations, concluded there was no evidence of variability in any region of the spectrum
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Stellar P larimetry
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Berdyugin & Piirola (1999) have made further measurements of GD 229 and G 240 72, with a con rmation that these stars have long-term variations of polarization on time scales of 10 years, with the suggestion that these objects have rotational periods of about, or longer than, 100 years, the extreme slow rotation probably being a result of magnetic braking Circular polarization of several photometrically variable white dwarfs was searched for by Rich & Williams (1973) Although three stars were highlighted as polarimetric suspects, the claims do not carry high con dence Liebert & Stockman (1980) have also made observational studies by circular polarimetry of 32 white dwarfs with null results From spectral measurements of G 99-37, Angel & Landstreet (1974) have considered the strong polarization feature associated with the G-band of CH which is very apparent They have calculated the magnetic circular dichroism of the band and nd that a good t to the data is achieved by taking an effective eld of 36 108 G Using this value, an estimate is also made of the wavelength dependence of continuous circular polarization, assuming the dominant opacity to come from He , and this is also in agreement with the observations The photometric spectrum of GD 90 indicates the presence of absorption features with very broad and distorted Balmer lines A polarimetric investigation by Angel, Carswell, Strittmatter, et al (1974) clearly demonstrated the resolution of the Zeeman components indicating the presence of magnetic elds 5 106 G Angel, Hintzen, Strittmatter, et al (1974) reported that the dispersion of the circular polarization of G 240 72 was unusual in that it exhibited a sign change from blue to red light Angel, Hintzen & Landstreet (1975) have made measurements of G 227 35, a white dwarf suspect, with no detectable absorption features Strong circular polarization with a hump of 3% in the blue was measured and, after falling away across the spectrum, there is a spectacular rise to 8% at 1 m The longitudinal eld is probably in excess of 107 G Continuing the observational study of white dwarfs, Landstreet & Angel (1975) measured a static circular and linear polarization of Grw C70 8247, the behaviour interpreted as being due to magnetic circular dichroism in a helium atmosphere The estimated eld strength was 5 107 to 108 G Earlier, Kemp (1970b) had suggested that structure in the wavelength dependence of the circular polarization was caused by the magneto-emission mode with an intermediate case between that of the weak- eld gray-body theory and that of a strong- eld, quantum-magnetic limit The data considered by him included those in the infrared from Kemp & Swedlund (1970) Remarkable polarimetric behaviour was reported for DQ Her, an old nova likely to contain a DA white dwarf, with a noted 71-second light variation Swedlund, Kemp & Wolstencroft (1974) found a variable circular polarization, with a period twice that of the light period, from which it was concluded that the object contains an oblique magnetic rotator The same group (see Kemp, Swedlund & Wolstencroft, 1974) also discovered a periodic linear polarization with the same period of 142 s, a simple model being offered
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